Shadow Priest LF Consistent 2's partner

I did a lot of pvp in BC but for the most part haven't since then. I'm looking for a skilled teammate who either also wants to start doing arena's again or someone willing to sit by while I get back into the swing of arena's. Which shouldn't take me too long I don't think. I have been playing as shadow as my main since vanilla with a few years off during some of Lich king and cata.
Call me a very capable amateur.

I always log out in pve gear so currently I have all crafted dreadful gear plus, the Malevolent Gloves, Trinket, Main hand mace and offhand, and one ring.
Will be running heroics for the next few days to finish out with malevolent gear.

Send a request with "PVP" in the box to Drwho#1203 or you can make fun of me here.

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