Introduce your character... VIA RHYME.

Wyrmrest Accord
Feelin' weak and feverish, at mah toxic touch
Just a sting on yah mon, ain't gonna take much
Just an arrow or two and it gonna get hazy
You gonna get shaky, an' you gonna get crazy

When yah vision blur, mon dat sign ain't good
I gonna watch ya bleed out from undah my hood
I be sweatin' deh venom, one a' Dambala's chosen
If yah cut me you'll find even mah blood is poison

So go ahead mon, strut high, flex yah pride.
S'a fool dat walks tall when he has ta hide.
My bow hand ready mon, my fingahs itch
By dah time I done wit' yah, yah won't even twitch.

Time to run, you weaklings,
It's time to hide,
Nothin's gonna save you
From the STRENGTH of my rhymes,

As soon as you see me,
It's time to say your prayers,
By the time I'm done with you,
You'll need some repairs

Now I'm slaughtering them out in the rain,
I taste blood and feel no pain,
And in my heart I have no fear,
Because your glorious death is near,

Now, you weakling, now you know,
Don't you dare try and interfere with my flow,
Because if you do, you'd better be scared,
Not a single one of my enemies has ever been spared.
Well done sir. Props.
Give in before we start, one sees your future's only bleakness.
Your hits are sickly, and one hasn't even cast Curse of Weakness
It seems your heart's not in this fight, wise choice, One would steal it
Burn it up to summon up a demon so your friends could feel it
One's nether fueled curses are so vicious your priest can't heal it
And there's no way you can cover up one's afflictions, can't conceal it

One is rhyming so fast that you can't cast,
curse of tongues is gone but one still blasts
haunt like it's in style.
Feeling exhausted? One sympathizes, stay a while,
in corruption vile,
let one show you down agony aisle.
Every relic one finds is one more trick in one's malefic grasp,
every secret brings me one step closer to your last gasp.
Fear is gripping you fast,
like a ghost of the past,
and it's clear that after all those ticks and tocks you couldn't last.
Lets see how it goes xD

Death is near, run and hide,
you’re out of breath; it will take your pride.
He’s the son of Seth, known worldwide.
You’re out of time, just stay aside.
The Puppeteer is here, the god is near;
he’s the dark seer, casting arcane sphere.
It’s time to kneel, take off your gear,
drink a beer; it will all end this year.
A whisper in your ear, and start to fear.

You are probably dead by now...
Two more good ones! Rhyme on people, rhyme on!
Wind as arcane, water as frost
fire to complete the three who are lost
One soul left the living corpse, three came to claim
The three eyed each other, yet wind suggested a game
"Here we are, opposite and opposed
Let us each take it in turn," is what he proposed

"We could work, together as one
See this world and have our fun."
"Indeed" bubbled the second of the three
"A masquerade to try this 'camaraderie.'"
"A stranger concept I've never heard
Wind, water, and fire gestalt" said the third

Together they claimed the vessel, made their mark
The first days were difficult, their future dark
Adventurers called them dangerous aberrations
Spurned the three and their offered salutations
In self-defense elements gathered and surged
The ignorant and hostile together were purged

As the days passed the three got better
At mimicking their mortal form to the letter
Some still try to end them for the fame
But those three refuse to give up their game
Winds howl, waters freeze, fires burn
Together the three continue to learn
Purple crazy helmet, firm thick chiseled arms
Horde you'd better watch it, cause he's causin' you harm
Chopping up Elves, Trolls, Orcs and Undead
Man you better run, since he's gunnin' for your head
He takes to the battlefield, a smile on his face
If you're an Orc then you'll be put in your place

Been here forever, Wyrmrest is the best
None of y'all believe him? All the lady's will attest
Trinket, Hand of Freedom then pop a quick bubble
Try to mess with Bolswet and you'll be seeing double
Nothin' like a mage, he doesn't use cheap tricks
His skill is insane, and he's got a huge %@*@!%%*
My fire is red
Your corpse will be blue
Stop running from my demon
He will catch you.

** drops the mic, walks out **
shouts out to my boyz in otterpops

Cazic's what they call him, Engineer by profession.
Dropping rhymes like a boss, and droppin' Horde with no messin'.
When you see the 'Pops tag, you know you better be runnin',
'Cause his Lava Surge procced and he's a Fire Ascendant.

One, two with the Lava,
Got the elemental Burst.
Three, four comes the lightning,
and it's gonna get worse.

'Cause this elemental dwarf has got a trick up his sleeve.
Tools and gagdets in his belt for when he's makin' you leave.

Folded wings in the back, arsenal in his pack,
Army knife in a box, mind control in a hat.
He's packin' nades that'll stun, shooting rockets from gloves,
He's takin' Horde out to school and reppin' 'Pops 'cause it's cool.

also bolswet is gr8
Here goes nothing.. *grabs mic*

Huntress Eversea here
up on 'dat stage
Her beasts besides her
She'll own your mage.
-arrows on her back, standing with her Sisters tall
'yo horde better watch it
if you don't wanna get mauled.

3,2,1 - arrow in your knee (hehe)
Heh, I warned 'ya, but you just didn't see.
She's just as deadly, as any man
Anything your hunter can do
she also can

Patrolling Darnassus
making her rounds
and looking hawt while she does it
even when she frowns

putting up her walls
but alone within
however, always surrounded. By her elven kin.

Born in Winterspring
Starfall, she was
I gave this my best attempt
how about some applause?
LOL Nick
Some call us the blood knights
But those who've completed the blood rites
Much prefer "guiding lights"

Thanks to our creativity
The mindless drones enjoy progressivity
From the depths of a deep sea cavern
To the maiden of a blood elven tavern

We secure your lives
We watch the machine
Like bees to their hives
Until you cease to dream

Just wait
When something's at your door
And it's soon to attack
We'll make its blood pour
Cuz we've got your back
What's that my cultists?
Is this a rap battle?
Guess its time for the Lady Warlord to split the wolves from the cattle
My name is Selphira Crownmason, last name of my line
The Lady Warlord, I am one of a kind
I gave up nobility because I got axes to grind
I was a child of Lordaeron with a history to dote upon
Sharpening my blades with the bones of the Horde
The endless politics of the Alliance keeping me bored
Just send me to the fields, let me be your Battle Mistress
While on the backlines I run a cult like a business
I will stand tall as the only living Crownmason
To bring glory to humanity, my courage making hearts racing
I wield powers humanity forgot when we became blinded by the Light
I saw the truth behind the illuminance, the one thing that gave me fright
I harness the Will, the powers that give me flight to make light of of the wrongs of the Titans, which the Broken Pact shall set right
I got a chip on my shoulder
That's grown as large as a boulder
That I carry like Atlas as I grow older and older
My wisdom only grows as my morality gets colder
My future plans for Azeroth are bold and become bolder
But do not look down on me, I am the same girl I once was
I just want revenge on the forces that strive in their eternal drive to wipe out all our lives
My nobility is gone, my hatred a sword, and the Will now my shield
But I am not alone, a Crownmason keeps her word, and against all evil I WILL NOT YIELD
I'm a little Gnomie, short and short.
Here's my hammer, here's my wrench.
Hm. That didn't really rhyme. Anyways...

I'll make an in-ven-tion, then i'll shout:
"Hey everybody! Check this out!"
Step aside.

A roar and a growl, you see him evolve,
as he approches, you begin to dissolve.
don't be mistaken, hes not a dawg
he'll shred ya to pieces like choppin up some lawgs.

His name is Skippr,
He's oh so jipper.
After I defeat you, ya best control ya temper.
you begin to simmer,
and I am the winner.

If we tussle,
won't be no bussle.
my shreds and mangles
are the best angle,
and they make you feel, oh so shameful.

I finished my rotation,
now ya body's achin.
Ya bleedin everywhere
and the ground is quakin'.

Bout to finish,
don't feel diminished,
just cause ya skiddish
and ya look like ya know yiddish.

and ya look like ya know yiddish.

Oy vey.

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