Nat Pagle - Krakkanon

The Krakkanon is part of the "fish of the day" event, and Ben of the Booming Voice helps you get there to get the fish. Krakkanon loot can potentially grant any of the 3 rare fish that reward rep with Nat Pagle, and I feel that there needs to be more interaction with the "fish of the day" event in that there should be a quest of sorts either giving Nat Pagle the head of Krakkanon for rep. Or there could be a collect X fish from "fish of the day" pools daily that gives Nat Pagle rep. farming 3 rare fish for a month seems excessive or at least make that 100% more rep item from anglers apply to Nat Pagle. Not sure if this thread is in the right forum.
I just want to recieve more rep with him than only fishing an most of the time I dont catch nothing for nat pagle.
Nat Pagle don't care if you're trying to be his friend, he's a drunk. He's fishing and drinking, his life is all good.

I refuse to chase this rep. I'll get those doodad IF I get them, not gonna stress over it. Rep can take another 8 years to exalt for all I care.

Stupid fisherman. I should've been exalted with him back in vanilla when I went all over the world finding his special fish or when I used to have to go visit him in Theramore Bay ON FOOT. I fell off those cliffs getting down to him once and died and got lost corpse running and never forgave him for that hardship.

/hate Nat

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