how do you target without mouse?

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I was actually looking up advice on using the controls, definately not looking for an add on. just some advice on how to use my ui a little more efficiently. one post i read somewhere, forgot where, spoke of using the mouse to target being a slower. I always seem to run bhind a little in dungeons and am always getting my butt kicked in pvp.

need practice, that's for sure, but just looking for some basic beginner advice on these little thing like targeting, and even some macro's that would help to move along a little faster, even in dungeons, maybe someday i will even be able to tank, and dare i dream? even play a healer.

no addons, that's not what im looking for. dont tell me to look it up, already doing that. just straight talk on how to improve a little, it could make all the difference.

Tab key will target the nearest attackable target(well supposedly that's what it will do). If you continue to hit the Tab key will then target the next closest attackable target. Be careful though a lot of times the tab targeting does strange targeting patterns.

Standard macro conditionals can be used with them after the targetting command:

These can get quite complex. For example:

Though I have to agree tab targetting whatever formula they're using is very strange and I'm not particularly fond of it when melee-ing. It works ok as ranged though, to a point. But as ranged, you won't have that much trouble switching between targets mid combat.

It used to be a lot more sophisticated when you had the ability to limit the range of the macro ie. have range conditionals in which targetting would function.
However, this was greatly abused in rotations cause it applied to spells as well so blizz ended up killing that function.
I still wish they would add a checkbox to limit the range of targetting to something like 10 yds or not that you could change only out of combat.
For pve it's out of fashion with tank threat levels so high now, but I find it fastest as a melee dps to just assist the tank (unless I'm tanking, then I tab or click if something specific needs targeted asap). It has the benefit that you can also whale on the mob for all it's worth without worrying about pulling aggro like you would just tab-targeting and attacking (unless you hate your healers).

If the tank isn't targeting stuff right away, your melee primary ability should autotarget something nearby. Then a second later try to assist again.
On subject kinda: is there a way to macro targeting the skull icon'd mob? I guess it won't follow the symbol and you'd have to hit it again, if it can be used as a target.
There isn't. Otherwise addons like DBM wouldn't be allowed to mark mobs.
you can target things for skills via macros without using the mouse

arena / party macro
  • lets you cc whoever without selecting them using modifier keys. like HoJ on people arena people without selecting them. same macro can be used for selecting party members using the [@partyX] (replace X with numbers) if you wanted to heal party members or cast freedoms on them without needing to target them directly
  • /cast [@arena1,mod:ctrl] EnterSkillHere
    /cast [@arena2,mod:shift] EnterSkillHere
    /cast [@target,nomod] EnterSkillHere

    Rebuke macro
  • something like this will let you Rebuke your focus target with a modifier + can rebuke someone by mousing over them as you run past (don't need to select them) or just use it on your current target like normal. skill is interchangeable to what ever you want. and same as above if you want to make friendly's targetable use the 'help' command instead of 'harm' for the mouse over
  • #showtooltip
    /use [mod:ctrl,@focus] Rebuke; [@mouseover, harm] Rebuke; Rebuke

  • this for example will let you holy shock friendlys by mousing over them instead of selecting them.
  • #showtooltip
    /use [@mouseover, help] Holy Shock; Holy Shock

    the mouseover macros also work by mousing over the players portrait / name on a raid frame or enemy names with a mod like BG targets (but then you are using your mouse... though you don't have to physically deselect anything)

    there's many other ways to target thing's via macros these are just a small handful of the more common ones.

    On subject kinda: is there a way to macro targeting the skull icon'd mob? I guess it won't follow the symbol and you'd have to hit it again, if it can be used as a target.

    you used to be able to back in patch 1.x (for most of vanilla) that and many functions like that were removed from macros to reduce the amount of automation (game playing for you) you could set up with clever macros.
    In 1.x you were able to almost create a farming bot with macros with enough knowledge of the system that was available.

    its not possible to make a macro to target a raid marker target anymore.
    I use the above method of one or more tabs to select closest enemies. In dungeon DPS there's usually 1 to 5 mobs the tank is fighting, and I can tab thru all 5 in 2 seconds looking at their health bars to see which one I should DPS (or D.O.T.) now.

    I think there's a also tab combo (ctrl-tab?) for picking nearest friendly targets but I don't use it. awkward to reach, have to move my left hand, which I like to keep in one place in combat so I don't have to look at the keyboard.

    For healing, standard keybind F1 to F5 targets your group members. You're F1 since you're at the top. I've switched the keybinds so I'm F5 and my groupmates are 1-4, since it's harder to hit F5. It backfires when I suddenly have to heal or shield myself, so I may switch back.

    The problem with using the F keys, especially F5, is that it moves my left hand. Normally that stays in one basic place (on the 1-4 keys) and I can touch type all other keys from there. When I go up to the F keys and back, sometimes I put it back on 2-5 or ~ to 3.

    I'm thinking of also keybinding my group's players to some numpad keys also, so when standing and healing I can select players with right hand keys and not move my left hand to F keys.
    ty for your responses. exploring pandaria i've had a refresher course in rotation. i've improved dramatically.

    I forgot to mention that i am left handed, as far as using the tab for targeting. i use the mouse with my left hand and the arrow keys to move. im going to look at my stteings right now to see if i can set it to a more convenient button.

    and ty for the macro's i am going to learn this stuff. i m not super computer literate but i want to, you know, be useful, or something.

    maybe a lttle off subject but i was critical of the pandaria expansion, but it's a blast. see you at lvl 90.
    Yes you can map tab to another key. Go into blizz keybindings, find the function that says target nearest enemy and then instead of tab, assign a different key to it, that's on the right side of the keyboard. Like \

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