(H) Legacy - LF Core raiders for 25m/10m

Hello Saurfang!

Our current goals:

Have 1 25man progression raid group.
Have 1 10man progression raid group.

25man raid group will be raiding Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday from 5:45pm - 8:00pm
10man raid group weekends (Saturday Sunday) from 2:30pm - 5pm Server time

I also host a 25man MSV/ToES Openraid via http://Openraid.us at the 5:30pm Tuesdays.

We are looking at starting our raids in ToES/ToT so a minimum iLvL of 490 will be in effect.

We are currently recruiting ALL classes.

Add Trust#1817 or McFez#1478 for more info.
Hey mate,
Looking to find a home. I am a 502 ret pally and I have a friend that is 505 frost Dk.

If there is room for us then we would love to xfer and join.

Feel free to reply here or add me in game Triarchi#1812

Always room for skilled players friend.
bump - Looking for 2-3 healers and 5-8 dps
hey mate imma worgen fury warrior. item lvl 512. may i join you guys as well? really want to do ToT normals
We would be honored to have you Marcus

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