[H] Desert Rats

Yes, I'm posting on my main from a differant server.. so bite me. Wouldn't let me post from the lowbie alt which I created on this server. To the busniness at hand!

Summer's a comin, folks! Do you hate the heat? Do You wanna mingle with others and complain about the weather? Then <Desert Rats> might just for you!

A newly formed lvl one lvling guild, for like-minded desert dwellers! Just created last night out of boredom. If interested in joining, just toss me a /me on Tasunke, or look me up by my battletag; EnjiofAz82#1348

Cya'll in game! I'll be online for aout another 90 mins or so.. if i'm not on, just send a /t to Aexid or Aasunachan, both officers.
/bumpy bump bump..

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