[Realm RP] The Silver Gryphon Tournament

Wyrmrest Accord
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Oh wow this sounds awesome! Let me converse with the guild. I'm sure they'll love to participate. Not sure about the actual tournament portion but I definitely see us as vendors, entertainment, and guards based off some our roles. I'll get back to you with a better list.
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Good luck Luna! :D
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Just wondering if this is still happening?
Just wondering if this is still happening?

It will be, but unfortunately, we didn't have enough people sign up and no one was interested quite yet. So what's going to happen is that I'm going to host it in the next season. The reasoning why: is because Golden Law is hosting an event similar to this this weekend.

It will also be advertised on wymrestaccord.org possibly in September or October. Now that the summer is up, a lot of events will be happening...

But if anyone has any preference on what the dates should be, what season it should be: let me know so that I can get the planning started!

Thank you again and I do apologize for this.
Alright, thanks. Wanted to clear it off my calendar if it wasn't.

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