Differences between troll priests and shamans

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In lore what are the differences between troll priests and troll shaman.
It sounds very similar?

Also which one is more likely to be like "oogah boogah, I put a spell on you"?
troll priest serve the loa, shaman serve elements and ancestor spirits. they can muddle at times though and often they can fill each others role. the troll priest would be more likely to put a spell on you. though the troll warlock may also be more likely to do that as well. just depends on the character tbh :P

edit: just saw your other thread. im talking in terms of lore. in terms of game play shaman. (the priests lore is horribly represented. for example, night elves are priestess of elune, the moon, but still use light magic).
In lore can a troll shaman do the voodoo magic deal too or is that only for priests and warlocks?
lore-wise, the priests are loa priests and do the hexes, become the witchdoctors, make sacrifices to the loa, etc. they would be the typical guys saying "respect da spirits mon or dey hex ya". however, because of how gameplay works, priests all draw similar power from the light. warlocks wouldnt even really do voodoo magic, probably considering it beneath them and trivial (that doesn't mean they wouldnt curse another way, however).

shaman CAN do voodoo magic. once again the line can blur, though most shammies probably would be too busy with the elements and such to bother with it. but they definately can. it's not like priests are the only ones that can talk to the loa. druids, shadowhunters, shammies, etc. can too. it's just they wouldn't usually, especially because the loa wouldn't neccessarily want to talk to them. in short, if you want to roleplay as a shaman who does voodoo you can.
troll priest serve the loa, shaman serve elements and ancestor spirits.

This is open to interpretation. All trolls serve the Loa, to be honest (and the Loa are ancestral spirits, in addition to primal elemental forces). I see almost no difference between troll priests and shamans, personally. If I had to point to some RP-distinction between the two, I'd say that shamans are servitors of the ancient, primordial spirits of the world (who are Loa), whereas priests are devotees to the animalistic Loa who are themselves servants of those same spirits. A troll priest might worship Akil'zon, the Amani Eagle Loa, for example, but Akil'zon is an aspect of the great spirit of the Sky, which is what shamans communicate with.

Everyone's interpretation will be different, but for me, its:

Elemental Loa > Animalistic Loa > Trolls

But all trolls revere the Loa. Honestly, to me, its all just different shades of the same colour; I see basically no difference between troll priests and shamans in game terms.
For reference, the Darkspear Priest and Shaman trainers in the Valley of Spirits sport the titles of Shadow-walker and Witch Doctor, respectively.
Well. There's Zabra Hex too.

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