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Hello all, The guild I am in now is slowly dying and I have no idea how much longer it will last. I am 1/12 heroic on this character, although i'd like to Tank on my warrior instead, and I'd prefer Alliance. I'm very reliable and and can adapt very quickly to new encounters. Thanks!
I am an officer with the Guild PhoenixFusion (sister guild is Phoenix Fusion, with the space in between). We are a large, diverse group of people, and we are looking for more people to join our family, especially for current content raid progression (two 10-man raid teams currently). I lead one of the raid teams for the guild (newer group, 4/12 in tot), and we are always looking for more raiders as well as casual players in our large and friendly family :)

In addition to raiding, we have a very active PvP team, weekly Guild LFR runs, weekly old school raids, contests, prizes, website and more! We are quite lively and social as well, never a dull moment! This guild is run by some of the most solid leadership I've encountered in 5 years of playing the game, and that's a fact.

Though we are a big group, we bring the small guild friendliness and charm wherever we go. Let me know if you would like to learn more, and we hope you come and join us in PhoenixFusion! :)
Are you still looking? Contact me in game if so.
<Stay Calm and Panic> 12/12 1/13h TOT (with H Ji'kun to 2.8% this week) is looking for a tank for it's main group. We are a smaller tight knit group who raids tues, weds, thurs from 6-9 server, with an occasional sun or monday if we need to make up time or feel we need just 1 more day to knock a boss down. We have little drama and for the most part get along well. We have been raiding together since Cata dropped and feel that liking who you are raiding with is just as important as downing stuff. Thankfully we have been able to make both of those desires come true. Contact me at battle tag Isospora#1268

Are you still looking? <Visceral> raids 10M on Alliance side, we are LF a dedicated core tank. Since I'm the other tank we'd be more interested in your DK. We are 2/13HM.

Raids Mon/Tues/Thurs 7-10pm PST

Please get in touch ASAP if interested.

Lelørn - Lessthanzero#1580
Complexity - Love#1737
Hi Braes,

<IQ > 10M alliance guild on Proudmoore server is recruiting a capable tank to join our weekend core raid team. We are a semi-hardcore, family-oriented and drama free raiding guild, and we are currently 2/13 HM ToT.

Weekends: Saturdays & Sundays @ 3:00pm-7:00pm (PST)

If you are interested in joining us and/or would like more information about IQ, please visit our website at iqguild.enjin.com.

Thank you.

Foxxe (Foxxe#1123)

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