Post here if i have ganked you

Shattered Hand
Just wanted to hear from my loyal fans. this is a qq thread so by all means dont hold back
a sound youre used to in your love life im sure
I'll give you a chance, where do you lurk
i lurk everywhere. i am the shadows. you dont find me i find you! cough cough where u at?
killing some noobs in hellfire
Way to kill me in shrine :(
<3 love you joobie!
<3 love you joobie!

must have been a love tap
Resist feeding the trolls ego
took down an entire nalak raid today single handed only cause fearlord is a scumbag. i love to torture that poor soul
Were you one of the two rogues that was ganking outside of shrine? I was playing on my laptop on campus and the lag was so bad I died before I realized two rogues had just raped me.
yes sir! nothing personal though. just trying to enjoy some wpvp! wish we could organize something though. this ganking at shrine is getting boring :(
Boring? I just wish you would 1v1 me. Maybe losing won't be so boring?
You are kind of rude there was no need to spit on me! I did however get my revenge until we meet again.
I hate you
Rogue's have big feet.
dont bump my thread u horde scum! :P

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