Farewell Cenarius! -Million MPH

Goodbye Cenarius!

Million MPH is saying goodbye to the server we called home for 6.5 years and will be relocating to Hyjal during this week. Recruiting has always been tough here on this server and since Mists of Pandaria it has become especially difficult, so we decided to pack up and check out greener pastures.

We’ve shared so many great memories with so many people from Molten Core and Karazhan to Black Wing Descent and Mogu’shan. From before Battlegrounds existed when pvp meant defending Crossroads - We will miss Cenarius truly. So, anyhow no point in making a big thing about it - Goodbye to friends in the following guilds, I know some of you guys are long gone.

Fallen, Children of the Damned, Windspear, CBM, Awry, Strife, Twisted Legends, Hounds of War, and any guild that was a member of ROSCO. <3

Have fun and good luck!

Dibs on their parking spot.
Okay, this is getting creepy. I mean realy, how many of you guys are going to follow me? Nealie, good luck and have fun.
Another one gone sadly, but i wish you guys luck on the new server ill still hold down the home fort tho for you guys :)
Welcome to the server. Hyjal has been a fantastic home for us.
Going to miss you guys. I am running out of people to trash talk. and Thanks for the shout out Nealie. Righ. Game of tag ball in Org in their honor tonight?
I left a while back but I still remember the good old forum trolling days before zinge got me banned. good luck nealie.

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