Deepholm Distillery 2/13H Recruiting

About Us
Most of the guild consists of real-life friends. Raiding together since BC looking to expand our roster for heroic progression.

Looking to add people to every role, most importantly healers and dps. As some people have experienced on their own, attendance becomes an issue with a roster limited to 10-11 players. We're looking to expand our roster to ensure no one's real life needs to be put on hold as well as those who came to raid aren't set back by one or two people missing.

Special Interest in Boomkin/Resto Druid or Mage!!

Raid Schedule
Tuesday | Wednesday | (Optional) Sunday - 7:30-11:00pm est

12/12 10m

Loot Rules
To avoid any feeling of bias and to encourage fair looting we simply enact a one loot per night system. This means that if a player receives loot he/she is still permitted to roll on other pieces they are interested in, but if someone else rolls that has not been rewarded loot for the evening they will instead receive the item. In doing this players typically want the best for the group and can work among themselves if they'd like to switch items for a person or simply let them have it since it's a larger upgrade.

-High raid attendance is very important to maintain a core raid spot. Be on time and ready to go. If you are going to be late to raid or can't make it for any foreseeable reason, please notify an officer beforehand so we can make the necessary adjustments to our roster.

-Know the encounters before you enter them! If you aren't prepared prior to the the raid you can be replaced. On the same token repeated mistakes to the same mechanic is often treated as not knowing the fight.

-Keep a positive attitude. Morale is not just some made up jargon it's real and helps the guild progress.

Trolling, bashing other players / guilds or even bragging or a boasting our guild is not acceptable. We are a confident guild but act mature about it.

In-Game Contacts
Xazu (Guild Recruitment) - -- augsmi#1346
Mageeta (GM/Raid Leader)
Krol (Officer)
Spinna (Loot Master)
Still looking for people
Bump for heroic Jin'rokh down!

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