Lvling holy?

so I have a 90 warlock and a 90 rogue and want to lvl a healer because for some odd reason I actually enjoy healing (In PvE I actually like healing more than DPS, weird I know). I have a 85 shaman, a 67 pally, a 40 something druid, and a 30 something priest. I'm strongly leaning towards my paladin because I can have a healer and a tank all in one.

With that being said I have a strong interest In lvling strictly Holy. It will mostly consist of PvP lvling a few dungeons here and there so i'm not in !@#$ty greens.

What I'm here asking is if anyone has done this? Both my 90s are dps toons and I don't want to just lvl up ret even though it's easier and faster. I want to do something different because I actually enjoy lvling and want to have a different time doing so.

I'd prefer to lvl holy so if people have tips lvling holy please let me know but I wouldn't mind lvling prot either so all tips are welcome.
i leveled holy but i never did pvp. i only did dungeons really, but it went by really fast until northrend...there you will have to do quests. i never really died and judgement-crusader strike-denounce spam usually killed things pretty fast.
I just started leveling a holy paladin. I've been using the intellect mail heirlooms, but any int heirlooms will be equally useful.

It's much easier than I expected; holy shock makes you almost a dps spec for leveling.
but it went by really fast until northrend...
when I hit 70 I soloed the nexus as prot with eternal flame for the self-heal, it was easy, extremely fast, and gave me loads of Exp. I got to 80 in a matter of hours. Plus it was a whole new experience for me so that kinda made it even more fun! :)

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