What quest made you laugh the hardest?

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Anything with Flintlocke...
I like the one where you feed scarlet onslaught members to legions of hungry rats hahaha >:) where they pick all the flesh little by little off there bones.
omg omg omg I also forgot Zen'Kiki. #1 drood
Let's see, Gnomebliteration, punching Deathwing, all of the Fargo Flintlocke quests, http://www.wowhead.com/quest=28861 because the questgiver sends you to get 10 whole kegs of beer and when you turn it in he says that it will only last him until tomorrow. Gotta love dwarves and their beer! Oh and http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27778 because the whole quest line makes it seem like you'll have to use complex security hacking to hack into the Wibson, but when you actually "hack" into it your character just picks up an ax and literally starts hacking into the device.
All of the daily quests for the sons of Hodir.

The names. Dear lord, the names.
The quest series Oralius used to give you in the Burning Steppes. His conversations with "Captain Winky" were hilarious. Quests themselves were even cleverly named i.e. "Ogre Head On A Stick = Party" The first time I was doing them I literally spit my drink out reading some of the quests conversations.

It was a certain popular quest in the Badlands.

Hint: You get an egg that summons a stupid whelp after you finish it.
There is a quest where you have to gather some bear brains and the name of the quest was "Bear in Mind".

That my friends is the only double pun in 3 words I have seen.
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Welcome to the Machine (and it's follow up where you have to rescue the hapless "adventurers").

Which zone is that one in? Is it both faction or Horde only? I don't remember that one.

Horde- it's the one where you have to play an NPC:


I actually love that whole series.

Especially Jenny.
The one where you go into the outhouse over at the lodge in Grizzly Hills. Talk about one of the most random quests ever.

That reminded me of the old quest in Searing Gorge where you had to bring the dwarf trapped in the outhouse 15 pieces of silk cloth.

Fun quest that sadly got removed.
Laugh? Quests generally make me want to cry. But the one quest where I was a questgiver made me chuckle, I remember that.
Though the part about Weavil beating one of his cronies was somewhat morbid, the book you get from Dr. Weavil probably made me laugh the hardest.

Diary of Weavil

If you haven't read it on wowhead, you should. Too bad you can't do that one anymore.

Also, I happened to find the quest surrounding the 'filth gorger' guy in Shattrath to be disgusting but it made quite a few people laugh. To everyone's horror he ate the egg.... and so it went.
Do the right thing buddy!
Shovel of Mercy

Also that quest in Shattrath that made everyone puke LOL. It was a total barf-o-rama.

Sorry also this:
i'm a big fan of the quest in Vashj'ir where you give the female questgiver a box of crabs.

"Why, <name>! What a surprise!

If anyone ever calls your character into question you be sure to send them my way.

I'll tell anyone who'll listen that in my moment of need, you gave me a case of crabs..."
When you steal a giant laxative from the gnomes at Azshara.

The whole "the day deathwing came" quest chain.

Welcome to the machine.

Gnomebliteration? Doesn't make me laugh really... the sounds of gnomes screaming in pain and agony usually relaxes me and makes me feel all happy, but not laugh.
SI:7 Report: Fire From the Sky


I lol'd.
The one where you punch Deathwing in the face.

This, and rolling over gnomes with the ball of fire. I like gnomes, but that was still hilarious.
I laughed when you hit the human faces with the shovel in Hillsbrad :D


These are probably my top two for funny.

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