What quest made you laugh the hardest?

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I have to give the nod to "Welcome to the Machine".

Don't get me wrong, "The Day That Deathwing Came" was indeed laugh out loud funny, but "Welcome to the Machine" was suddenly start snickering at 2am, significant other rolls over groggily and groans "Dear Lord are you STILL thinking about that quest??" funny.
The guy that took an arrow to the knee in krasarang wilds.
"Doing Your Duty" in Northrend, Grizzly Hills


Still makes me laugh (more than it should probably:) I remember how it was such a hilarious surprise when I first did that quest. Call me childish I guess; it never gets old.

As for pure fun!:

Maybe Gnomebliteration!

Although it was glitchy not too long ago on some of my alts:(
All the ones mentioned are good, but here's one I haven't seen mentioned:

Scouting Report: Hostile Natives in Jade Forest.

"Come on, Kyrin. Let's go do girl stuff."
And then an orc and a Forsaken skip off into the sunset. To do girl stuff.
The quest in Grookin Hill where Riko wants to give a kiss to Kiryn. That is hilarious, talking about freaking out lol
In MoP, that quest chain where you play as different people in Jade Forest. Both Ally and Horde sides are just hilarious for me. From the names of the attacks, to the story, to the action. I look forward to doing it again, which never happens with quests.
i actually got plenty of evil giggles doing that "nudge the goats" quest in the Badlands

YES! Definitely my favorite quest.
There are so many funny quests in Cataclysm but the one I think I laughed hardest at was that updated absent-minded prospector. I guess it was just such a relief from the old version of it x)
*Gurgle* HELP! *Gurgle* -poor stupid Kingslayer Orkus


When I picked up this one, I laughed for a solid minute just at the name.
The guy that took an arrow to the knee in krasarang wilds.

Oh that one, that was funny, considering the "arrow to the knee" jokes I constantly hear, I wonder if that was actually deliberate by Blizzard or just a coincidence.
The Harrison Jones questline in Uldum was a hoot! And the poop quest in grizzly hills, where you have to eat a seed or something them poop in an outhouse is high-larious!
Just one line, from this quest: "...you know this, because you are psychic." If you know this quest, you'll know this line. Completely unexpected 4th wall type stuff.
Maybe Gnomebliteration!

I've leveled toons simply to get back and do this quest again.
Maybe Gnomebliteration!

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA Katamari Damachy!
I want to go on a funny quest right now...but I think I took an arrow to the knee!
I keep thinking about that one in Un'goro Crater, with that knight from Northshire, that mistakes a blood elf male for a blood elf female, to the point where even the blood elf gets confused and tries to find his "purse". It was hilarious! What quest made you laugh the hardest in wow?

That was funny the first time. After hearing him yell "DRAGON" and aggro everything in the crater a hundred times it got irritating.

The one where you punch Deathwing in the face.

No contest there.

The feel of being a giant ball of fire running over hundreds of gnomes. As you go along some get stuck to the flaming ball.

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