Senseless warrior pride

or lack there of
Why didn't you just edit your post to add that...

Meant didn't^ Just fixed it.
I didn't edit my post

That would be fine if Warriors actually were fine.

I've played Warrior since February '05.

They are most certainly not fine.

Ive played wars since 1 week after release. Yes they are. If your in a bad situation right now then your just bad. I see wars everywhere tearing !@#$ up. If you cant deal with it go with the Fotm class and go away.

Infact the only time i didnt play a war was now first part of Mop because of how op they were. Now that were more balanced and the fotm bastards are gone here i come again! Had to make a new one though the old server is dead and im a broke bastard.

Funny enough though this BE has been hilariously good for a war. Really it all comes down to your team in general. If you suck as a whole no class can make up for that. Id say if your team is complaining that much fine some better peeps to play with. %^-* like thats not fun any ways and thats what the game is about. Find people who are fun to play with.

Sorry, your warrior seems to be only lvl 75? Am I missing something?

Warriors are not vastly underpowered but in the current climate where burst and cc are very very high, there isn't much that a warrior can bring to the table that other classes don't do better. We have very limited cc and to lock someone down you need to pop many different abilities, eg shockwave into disarm into fear into staggering shout, whereas many other classes have on demand ccs that they can spam. We are very strong when we pop avatar and start slamming but many other classes have burst opportunities much more often than we do. Good teams can mitigate us by saving disables for avatar or denying you the clear opportunity to avatar.

That said I do think we're a very balanced class, and we are forced to make a choice between dps output and defensive strength. The problem is that too many other classes can do both of those at once.
I'll be at halfhill when your ready tough guy lol.


Also I don't get the touch guy part, never said anything against you xD
Pride in class, faction, guild, server, etc is a good thing. Elan.

However don't let it cloud your judgment or analytical skill.

The warrior class is poorly managed by the WoW design staff. This trend goes back quite a while. Its a sad fact of WoW history. On a larger level is the mismanagement of ranged vs. melee, plate vs. cloth, etc. We warriors just happen to be one of the casualties of that cluster@#$%.

I've played since 08' and I love my warrior. I love him now. While we are not OP or FOTM, we are not on par with many classes in pvp, but we are still viable if you really know how to squeeze the horsepower out of our class .. but when other classes are well above viable, their skill curve being much lower ("drool cup classes" I call them) being "viable" only goes so far.

I would like the WoW design staff to actually put some time into our class and come to a consistent decision on our role in their game. On a broader level I would like them to fully overhaul PVP (like that will happen LOL), and fire the UCLA interns that have done most of their work over the last few years.

Thank you.

ps. My beard is longer than John Holmes $#@% AND it is braided with mithril rings!
Warriors are fine up to about 1500. They are subpar from 1500 up to about 1800. Warriors are bad going from 1800 up to about 2k rating and then a detriment to their team above 2k rating.

Warriors can be carried to around 2300 by a hunter, spriest, or mage.

Warrior all the way! This is the class that has the mechanics I like to play. I don't complain on the forums though.
i like to 1shot people on low lvl BGs with shield slam!

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