524 Windwalker/Brewmaster 2/13HM, 12/12NM

What I'm Looking For:

I'm currently in need of a new raiding guild/group that is pushing or starting to push heroic thrones.(already 12/12). I don't mind progression as long as there is progress, and not pushing your face against the wall because of stupid reasons.

Why I'm currently looking for a group/guild:

My previous group that i hosted and led was under Nephilim, "Fursectoids", we disbanded recently due to numerous factors such as multiple people leaving, as such i decided it wasn't worth the time to recruit back pretty much half a raid team.

What I Can Offer:
- I would prefer to DPS, but i could tank if there is no other tank available on that night.
- I am fully experienced in thrones[12/12,2/13HM http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/T%C3%A9mpest/simple]
- I am able to sustain my dps and play efficiently while occasionally ranking [http://www.wow-heroes.com/character/us/Hyjal/T%C3%A9mpest/]
- Great Attendance
- Input on fights, strategies
- Being well prepared and being online before raids(15mins or so forth depending on your rules)

- Able to raid on:
Weekdays [4pm-12:00 EST, can go further depending on groups offered]
Weekends [Anytime]

BattleTag: Tidal#1911
Five Lei Shen kills and no Rune of Re-Origination?

You make kitty sad.
Nah i had one but i d/ed it
I can't imagine why. You're really gimping your DPS by not having it, especially with 4 piece.

Not like it really matters, I guess. WW isn't really that great at DPS anyway.
I didn't like the rng dependency on it, i much prefered to have sustained than "rnged" Dps go look at the logs, windwalkers do decent dps

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