★Late Night 25★Cutting Edge Lei Shen★14/14SoO

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grats on council mag and iron qon horde life son
06/11/2013 08:11 AMPosted by Zamn
6/13 now. Killed us some dogs. Fed them poisoned Kibbles and Bits.

owned those doggies

also looking for good apps! If you feel you can outperform ANY ONE on our roster, COME SHOW US!

Esp me. I get carried.
More horde support :)
Bump for 9/13! We kill walls good. Now to kill a bunch of slimes!
yay for durumu (think it only took us 12 pulls with our main tank!) and 12% on primordius w/ a healer as an offtank

progression progression progression!
9 pulls with me, 1 wipe last week, and 7 this week before the kill.
Welp, Primordius wasn't that bad... 10/13
Grats on the kills fellas
Need a DPS DK who can go Blood for 2 fights.
hi, come kill things with me
finally in club 608

Man, we were pretty far down the list there... Killed us some robots, time to work on the King himself.

bump 11/13!
Dark Animas Shot down Tayvon style. WHO WANT SOME!?

lfm raiders!!
lfm late night raiders!!!
Mistweaver monk

lfm raiders! Boomkins locks exceptional mages etc etc
dont take the boomkins!!!!!!

we want them :(

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