★Late Night 25★Cutting Edge Lei Shen★14/14SoO

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Come have a ball while getting stuff done. You a compitent raider? Come be a rogue or get your free conq tokens since we apparently already give them offspec tier gear. #Druidproblems
Creating new Twitter trends on forum posts apparently. But in all seriousness join us and down more Heroic bosses and get lots of heroic loots!
Please leave an application if interested. www.daybreakturalyon.com
Daybreak is a home for many players. Join a skilled and experienced raiding team with a sense of humor and humility.
So much to do! Be a part of an incredible guild. Apply now and I will personally see to your flasks!
Seriously fill out an app. We have trained assassins here that will find out where exactly you transferred instead of here.
Come get your raid on! Quick 2 and a half hour nights! Easy schedule, fun people, hilarious home for dedicated and competent raiders. www.daybreakturalyon.com
This thread is gonna shred says my feral little head until I open my eyes just to realize I'm not actually feral. COME JOIN THE AWESOMENESS
Apply to be an overpowered Rogue since we're looking for another. You can just stab stuff and receive much praise for being broken!
Looking for a guild better than yours? Join Daybreak and we'll be that guild you never had!
So much going on in Daybreak. Check out the site! Do it up! Right now!
Lets go folks! Daybreak is looking for a few more raiders to round out the most dedicated team I've seen in forever. If you're looking for awesome nights of raiding hit us up!
There's too much to say here! www.daybreakturalyon.com is where you wanna go! Check us out and drop an app!
Start being a happy raider again! Join Daybreak and feel the love while getting some sick kills. SAY WHAT?
Seriously raiders apply here if you're on that darn Conq Token or a rogue! Lots of loot waiting for you here!
Need another rogue in here ASAP. Come be a competitive and awesome raider for a great team of people.

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