★Late Night 25★Cutting Edge Lei Shen★14/14SoO

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Join Daybreak for fun and frolic. Oh and we down bosses. Perfect.
The perfect blend of aroma and ingredient. Is it Folger's coffee? No it's Daybreak!
So many ways I could put how great a guild this is. Apply for a spot and come see for yourself!
www.daybreakturalyon.com is the place to be and interact if you're serious about current progression. COme be a part of the team and give your valued input.
Daybreak of Turalyon. A solid standing guild since the beginning of time. None of this newly formed bull.
www.daybreakturalyon.com check us out. Apply if you feel lucky punk.
We have a guy in our guild named Snuffymcmoo. Common! You gotta join cause of that!!
Looking for friendly competition? Come join some nasty dpsers and healers who are addicted to their craft. Apply today!
We're looking for dedicated raiders. A lot of folks here have been in Daybreak for a very long time committed to keep the team going. Join if you're amongst those ideals.
I'm watching America's Funniest Home Videos
There should be a WoW's Funniest Home Videos. Come share your wacky ideas and while you're at it test your skill against some of the best raiders in Daybreak!
What about WoW gone Wild? Naaah
Say hello to one of the many colorful characters in Daybreak. Go check out our site! Plenty more where this came from!
Who wants talent trees back? I DO
Man this show is funny
Sometimes I wonder if I could be an actual psychiatrist along with being a resto druid. Then again NAH. Come join us!
Join Daybreak and you'll never want to leave! We're like Hotel California WoW style!

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