★Late Night 25★Cutting Edge Lei Shen★14/14SoO

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UB's hint of knowledge for the day: If you're hoping to parse with alcohol in your system, you're either a alcoholic and will do it anyways or you're gonna be disappointed.
Daybreak: Kicking !@#$ since before there was television! Join and delve in the experience of the ancients.
Thinking of renaming my toon. Need a good name. If you were in Daybreak you could post on the forums about it!
Plenty to raid still! www.daybreakturalyon.com has everything you need to be a successful and competent raider. Drop an app while you're there!
Apping to Daybreak was the best decision I've made in a long time. Why don't you do the same?
Daybreak is an online family of awesomeness. Join us and enjoy the company of great players and even better raids
So much to say! Have I mentioned we're recruiting?
Looking for a rogue at the moment. Get ready to use some serious cool downs on H Iron Qon!
What else do we need? Always looking for exceptional players! Got what it takes?
Drop an app on our site and experience WoW with folks just like you! Crazy, hilarious, and full of random thoughts.
Example of UB's late night Mumble rants: "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my RID so text me maybe"
We use Mumble by the way. Come join the big kids and raid accordingly!
To be honest; Daybreak is like that missing link between your real life insecurities and your in game awesomesauce.
Ranked #1 Horde side Turalyon. Come be part of a great group of players.
Who raids 10 mans? Come get your thunderforged loot and be amongst the best on Turalyon.
We're all friends here. Loot council is WAY BETTER than DKP. Show up, do good, don't hate on Snuffymcmoo and you'll be awarded loot.
Seriously we're recruiting. I'll make that more clear. Maybe
Need a new yellow. Agility daggers don't really drop in our raids so try and bring your own.
Did I mention we have an incredibly active guild outside of raid times? Oh yea. Believe it.
This guy just tried to teach is kid how to properly catch a crawfish. Sticking your head in the water is a bad idea. WE'RE RECRUITING!

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