Blackwater Trading Co.((rp/pvp/cash flow))

Emerald Dream
It was a blissful night in Bilgewater Harbor. Everyone seemed to be happy and cheerful as they should have been for one of their own had once again struck it rich. The founder and trade prince of the Blackwater Trading Company based out of Booty Bay was hosting a lavish party. One of the guests Remarked "why he is so rich, he bathes in his gold" others just laughed and continued to have a good time. People were beginning to wonder where this trade prince was. After all, he is the host though he was nowhere to be found. Suddenly the sound of a roaring engine or rocket could be heard in the distance. The goblin guests gathered around to see the commotion. Off in the distance, they could see a blingy flicker of someone. As it approached, The man siting in the cockpit presented himself with elegance as much as a goblin could. He wore a top hat with a suit, he weilds a diamond tipped cane and wears the most expensive Jewelry on Azeroth. His teeth were even made of gold. Who was this Goblin flying in on a geosynchronous world spinner. Why it was none other than the Trade Prince himself, Ponnzi B, Moneybanks though his friends called him "the Ponz". People began to cheer as their host finally arrived. Once the rocket had landed, Ponz jumped out with a grin ear to ear. Everyone was pleased to see him as he was them for they were the well oiled machinery that made him rich in the first place, his employees. Ponz raised one hand and everyone got quiet. "Fellow associates of mine, How grand it is to see you all here on this remarkable evening. It gives me great pleasure to introduce the latest product of goblin engineering and the Blackwater Trading co." Ponz pointed to the sky and another rocket was fast approaching. Suddenly fireworks began shooting out all over the place and seemed to be shooting off the rocket itself. As it landed, the goblin pilot got out and handed the keys to Ponnzi. "Ladies and Gentlmen" He began; with a wicked grin. " I present to you, the latest in weaponry of the sky, made from a new material found in pandaria, I call it the depleted-kyparium rocket". The crowd cheered as they were most impressed. " Complete with machine gun turret for air assault, Skull painting on the nose to intimidate your foes, lightening bolts on the side to indicate its super sonic speed and a radio to listen to your favorite music. These rockets are the latest in weaponry that the Blackwater Trading Co has begun to manufacture and sell. Feast your eyes upon the wonders anew" The crowd cheered and clapped while ponzi made his way through them puffing an expensive cigar with intentions of making his way to the bath tub full of gold. Life is great

Blackwater Trading Co is not an equal opportunity employer.

((Blackwater Trading Co is an all goblin role playing pvp guild, looking for active members with professions suitable to the companys success. PST Ponnzi, Ralexi, Harrlyquin for invites))
more positions filling by the minute, this is great. still need gatherers and private security personal......maybe a beautiful woman or 2 *wink*
Does this guild have a territory
Not an official one, we work in all the various goblin horde and neutral cities friend.
Whoa.... business is boomin.... lets keep it going ((bump))
((Friendly bump from me! Good luck!!))

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