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Shattered Hand
Currently in the market for a 2 night guild that raids during the week, any 2 days Sunday-Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday need to start later than 8-8:15 EST, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday do not have the same restriction for my schedule.

I am a 31 year old father of 4, so I can only commit to 2 nights a week, and we go out of town quite frequently on the weekends, so this makes raiding Friday and Saturday virtually impossible.

I am currently 1/13 H in ToT, and finished 11/16 Heroic pre-5.2.

10's are preferred over 25's, but I am open to both. I am going to be looking for Horde only, unless a paid xfer comes with a good spot in an Alliance guild.

Any further questions, feel free to add me in game @ Freah#1775

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