Same loot week after week LFR 25 man

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So I go in with my holy priest and I'm trying to get NEW LOOT so I can upgrade and my blue junk. What do I get? Duplicate drops that I already have...really blizz...really?

You are making this game feel like a job and not a game at all. I spend weeks fighting through the same get to the boss that will give me badly needed upgrades to be given duplicates...

By the time I DO get this gear...they will be short lived or obsolete.

You really need to rethink your loot distribution system and make this game fun and not feel like a job.

Worst of all you are forcing healers away from LFR and that is probably why there is a shortage of them....
RNG has been a part of PVE since the beginning. If you wish to replace the blues you have, you can get some elder coins from isle of thunder and run 5.0 LFR to fill those spots. You can run particular bosses multiple times in a week and get a roll as long as you have a coin.
Since week 1 of ToT on 25 man we STILL haven't seen the sword drop off Jin'rokh. RNG is RNG.

Btw, you have crafted 502 mace and 476 OH available to you.
Why did you stop doing HoF and ToES?
Both which can get you a 483 weapon, with a much higher chance at loot. Elder charms are extremely easy to get as well.
I love the name "Trollinhobo" for some reason.

I feel like you have a jaunty, happy-go-lucky approach to both trolling and hobo-ism.
Our DK has been stuck with a normal Starshatter since MSV normal and heroic progression, despite using countless token rolls in ToT - LFR, Normal, and Heroic. He seems to miss every 1H that drops, too.

RNG is a !@#$%.
You might think the bosses have a set loot table or something. Like... they only drop certain pieces of gear...

Oh, wait...
Fear not at exalted with the shadow pan assalt you get 522 shoulders for like 700gold and that will be one less slot with a blue in it.

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