1.3 MILLION subscribers lost

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The point everyone seems to be missing is the fact that WoW is losing subscribers, not gaining. They're still the highest number in terms of subscription based MMOs? Sure. But percentage wise, subscriptions are dropping a lot more than those other MMOs.
It's not just the constant daily grind. It's the grind overall - people don't want to "work" to play a game. That's what it comes down to.
MMO Champion post says that the loss was mostly from the East for what it's worth
Oh look, its a WoW Is Dead thread mixed with a little "Everything is GC's fault".
05/08/2013 01:26 PMPosted by Nourah
Oh no they lost subscribers even though they are still number 1! We'd better get ready for the game to die....

If this trend continues, within the next couple of years this will definitely not be the #1 most subscribed MMO. It's easy to dismiss the numbers (which is always done for some reason), but I do think Blizzard needs to pay attention and implement changes ASAP.

Wow, really? If the trend continues then WoW will be ten years old soon. How many games have the same number of people playing them ten years later? Ohwait, none.
Oh no, there's only eight million of us left.
And probley 2 million of those have two accounts and another 2 don't play every day.

Thus ton of empty servers.
According to MMo-champ most of the losses came from the East. I am guessing WoW is facing stiff competition there.
truly dismal haha

I suspect the boost in earnings was from their other games, like Skylanders - which my son absolutely loves.

1.3m subs lost in 3 months is Big
Do you see it as "OMG Blizz lost 1.3 million subs!!!" or "geezuz 8.3 million subs is still a !@#$ton of people!"?
Time to polish off my Warrior and Mesmer :/
That's it. I quit!

There aren't enough people to play with anymore!
8 years and still 8 million + strong?

I'd say they're still doing just fine.
Well most of the loss came from the east.

There's no need to sweat people. We may have lost some, but WoW ain't dead.
The sky is falling!!!

There's probably more people there than a total in new MMOs.
I think it has more of the fact that this game has been around forever and people are just getting tired of it.
MMO's are a dying breed any way. There are tons of FTP options, most of them just clones of each other, most of them with barely enough population to call themselves MMO's, most of them making a killing out of micro-transactions.

This is an 8 years old game, you can't possibly expect to keep 11 million people interested for 8 years, especially considering the demographics.
I think it has more of the fact that this game has been around forever and people are just getting tired of it.

Thats pretty much it.

People can blame whatever they want, but 8 years is ancient in MMO terms

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