1.3 MILLION subscribers lost

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Well, time to play Ragnarok Online 2.
I have been preaching it since cata been announced, they should have have made and rts and given us a huge lore dump and characters that we could get behind. Something to help us focus the narrative, as it stands a lot of people still feel that with arthas defeat was the end if the game. Deathwing felt tacked on and a paper champion.

Wow was different because it had a world building rts before it, they should have introduced the new threat mandatorirly via a new rts game then it would have narrow our view on what needs to happens and anticipates a new end evil.

Instead they went the regular mmo route, yes it an xpac and it has a new land about new creatures but I that's it, no one really cares about the panda or twilight cultist. I fell asleep killing deathwing at one point, Arthas and Illidian always had my attention.

Since wow is trying to go the mmo route l, they are dying like one too.
Not to white knight Blizzard necessarily, but I am wondering how much of it is just the fact that MMOs, and pay-to-play MMOs in particular, are going the way of the dinosaur.

That is hard to believe. One of the strongest things in any game is a community, and MMO's keep their community together better than any other game genre because the availability of its players is paramount, inside the game, and not in chat rooms.

MMO's aren't for everyone but I fail to see how MMO's in general are failing, or even why.
05/08/2013 01:26 PMPosted by Nourah
Oh no they lost subscribers even though they are still number 1! We'd better get ready for the game to die....

If this trend continues, within the next couple of years this will definitely not be the #1 most subscribed MMO. It's easy to dismiss the numbers (which is always done for some reason), but I do think Blizzard needs to pay attention and implement changes ASAP.

And what changes do you suggest? We still have plenty of players. So, unless you have idea instead of "Blizzard needs to implement changes ASAP." All you Chicken Littles can run along now.
8.3 million my booty, they don't have that many real players playing of we wouldn't have low pop issues.
Does anybody just not give a crap about subscribers? Seriously just go play the game, why care about what others are doing?
I suggest people read the press release. It gives a much better idea than "1.3 million subs" lost.
Well most of the loss came from the east.

I'm not sure what the point of this is. There is no proof of that (yet). And anyway, are people in the East's money not as valuable as those of us in the West? Their opinions of the game just don't matter as much? What is it?
05/08/2013 01:27 PMPosted by Defiasbandït
The point everyone seems to be missing is the fact that WoW is losing subscribers, not gaining.

While this is true, I doubt the random musings of some posters on the forums are going to ever hold the true reason why Wow is losing subscribers.
8.3 million my booty, they don't have that many real players playing of we wouldn't have low pop issues.

It's called 8.3 million worldwide. Don't be conceited like your region is the only one.
Defending the poor design choices Blizzard has made sure as hell isn't going to make the last LONGER...
Does anybody just not give a crap about subscribers? Seriously just go play the game, why care about what others are doing?

Because it's not enough if they're playing the game, they need the vindication of a million people to quit it.

or something like that.
At this point, I think WoW losing subs has more to do with the fact that the game has been out for so long. I think Pandaria was a great expansion. It's not perfect, but that's the beauty of choosing not to do things that you don't like.

This is probably the best reason for the numbers. Every game, no matter how good it is, will lose its luster. Graphics may not be the most important part of a game, but to a lot of people it's important enough to disregard a game that has incredibly antiquated graphics. Also, no matter how good/improved/inventive new content is, eventually it just becomes more of the same, only with a twist--there's only so many ways a quest can be completed, so many mechanics a boss can have, etc. Probably the biggest of these is there's only so many graphic models Blizzard can come up with for new gear.

Personally, I'm going to stay in the game for some time to come (although I may end up paying for ESO when that comes out as well), but that may not be the case for other old-timers. Now as for the "death of WoW", it's going to happen eventually--every game ends at some point. But I don't see that happening this decade---games like Ultima Online, EQ1, and other "1st generation" MMOs are still around. WoW still has a lot of life in it yet.
Oh look, its a WoW Is Dead thread mixed with a little "Everything is GC's fault".
Its not a WoW is dieing or WoW is dead thread its a "WoW is bleeding." thread.

Also some blame has to be pinned on GC seeing as how he leads the team but it cant all go to him as you have to pin some blame on the devs themselves. And 1.3 million is still a lot any way you look at it and its not like were gaining more subs than were loseing subs.

Or it could be because theres not a lot of content to play between expansions and instead of giving blizz 15 dollars a month for a game they don't play a lot they just unsub until the next expansion.
8.3 million my booty, they don't have that many real players playing of we wouldn't have low pop issues.

That's not a local number, that's global. NA has probably lost a third of the population, the problem was that we had too many servers at the end of TBC and most of them were low pop. Blizzard overshot server growth and now they have to figure a way to reduce the number without looking as if they have been defeated.
They should release the new character models. That would help ;)

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