Server-Wide 3v3 Tournament

Lightbringer Server-Wide 3v3 Tournament

Our guild will be hosting a server-wide 3v3 tournament. This tournament will be managed by our officers and GM. The first bracket may be played through war games. If there are any disputes over the results, the winning team must provide proof of their victory via a screenshot of the end-game results.


• Only one character per person is allowed in each of the tournaments.
• You must register your team at least 4 days prior to the event taking place.
• All semi-final and final matches will be conducted in the Nagrand Arena at the date of the event.
• Only Arena cool-downs will be allowed in the matches.
• An entry fee of 75 gold per team must be paid before the event starts.
• There are no comp restrictions.
• All brackets, with the exception of the finals, will be played for the best of 3 games.
• The finals will be played for the best of 7 games.

The line-up will be chosen at random using a random number generator. The winner of the tournament will be given 25% of the guild bank, and of course have bragging rights over the whole server.

You can access the current roster at our website :

If there are any questions or concerns you can contact Flayz, Classics, or Kenjimuyo in game or post here.

Sadar and I will be waiting.
Haha you kids and your ego...CYA IN THE RING YO!!
Get your AM macro ready, Arradork. ;)
Bump yo
When is this taking place?

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