[A] <Spin The Dragon> Recruiting 9/12

Spin The Dragon is recruiting people for our 10man ToT Raid, and some PvP endeavors. We transferred from a dead sever called Firetree, and decided to check Kel'Thuzad out.


Our progression is currently 3/12 ToT, Working on Iron Q. Starting out (Fresh Progression) If anyone has any alts that would like to be geared or perfect for fresh 90's!

Group 2 is in the making and has 0/12 ATM.

We are looking for people with great raid awareness and good attendance.
Our raids are Tuesday-Wednesday-Sunday 9pm ST - 11pm ST.
Aiming for 495+ ilvl Tanks 490+ Healers/DPS
(Group 1 Contacts - Etia (GM), Shakeñßake)

Group 2 Follows the same ilvl rules, Group two will raid Saturday-Sunday 9pm ST - 11pm ST
(Group 2 Contacts - Etia (GM), Shakeñßake)

Recruiting For Group 1: - Closed -

Tanks: Low
Healers: Medium
DPS: Low

Paladin:-----Dps None - Tank None
Warrior:-----Dps None - Tank None
Deathknight:-----Dps None - Tank Medium
Shamman:-----Dps (Elemental) Low - Healer Medium
Monk:-----Dps Medium - Tank Medium
Druid:-----Dps (Feral) Low - Tank None
Preist:-----Dps Low - Healer Low

Recruiting For Group 2: - Recruiting -

Tanks: Medium
Healers: High
DPS: High

Paladin:-----Dps Open - Tank Open
Warrior:-----Dps Open - Tank Medium
Deathknight:-----Dps Open - Tank Open
Shamman:-----Dps (Elemental) Open - Healer Open
Hunter:-----DPS Open
Monk:-----Dps Open - Tank Open
Druid:-----Dps (Feral) Open - Tank Open
Rogue:-----DPS Open
Warlock:-----DPS Medium
Preist:-----Dps Open - Healer Open
Mage:-----DPS Open

If you are interested in raiding, please dont hesitate to contact Shakeñßake or Etia in game or mail. Leave a comment in the chat below and we can also contact you.

Have a great day! Looking forward to seeing you in raids!
I could tank on my druid, I am gearing my paladin for heals but my mainspec for my druid is Resto. Let me know.
For Sure, Contact me or Etia in game!
New Shedual for Group 2/actively recruiting! + Bump
DPS for Saturday Sunday runs
Im up for any day just let me know im currently i level 506 increasing it this week
Perfect, allready got 1 tank and some heals for group 2 :)
Resto shaman, can play any day at anytime just let me know
Hunter here for group 2.
A small group from my current guild will be transfering by weekend's end. Myself (ele shaman/mw monk), a prot warrior and holy paladin. The three of us are looking for a new home with a mature, close knit group of folks like we had here. Dead servers are awful and we've finally decided to make the move elsewhere.
For sure! contact us in game!
Trying to make them those 2 days only yes.
Heh, me and my two buddies left Firetree as well. That server is reaaaaly dead. It's too bad, it used to be a really awesome server back in BC time or so. We played in Vanquish, horde side. Then a patchwork of alliance guilds when vanq fell apart till we ended up here.

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