LF active, casual friendly guild. [A]

A little history.  I've between playing WoW since shortly after launch, have raided and pvp'd quite heavily throughout my time playing.  I've main tanked, healed and dps'd with just about every class.  

I currently work in the oilfield so my schedule precludes me from playing as much as I'd like.  I work 21 days on and have 7 off.  During my 21 I can usually play for an hour or so each day, during my 7 I play quite a bit.  I'm looking for a fun, laid back, casual friendly guild to call home.  
I'd like to run old content for achievements, titles and mounts.  I'd like to run organized pvp and rbg's and arena as well. I'd love to raid when my schedule allows it, right now I have to be content with LFR.

Well that's the gamer me in a nutshell.  I look forward to hearing from, well anyone that matches what I'm looking for.
Hey there, ethereal sounds like a good home for you. We're a casual mature bunch and in the process of building up our ranks after some internal changes. Add me to battletag if you're interested and we can have a chat =)


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