[A] Taken 12/12N 4/13H Recruiting!

Guild Recruitment
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Taken of Kil'jaeden! 25man 3-nights/week, Semi-Hardcore Raiding!
Website : taken-guild.com
Progression: Normal (12/12) Heroic (4/13) Jin'rohk, Horridon, Tortos & Ji'kun.

Raid Schedule:

Wednesday - 9PM EST - 1AM EST (6PM PST - 10PM PST)
Sunday - 9PM EST - 1AM EST (6PM PST - 10PM PST)
Monday - 9PM PST - 1AM EST (6PM PST - 10PM PST)

Current Recruitment:
We are willing to consider any applicant, but we do have specific needs in the following:
• Death Knight (Unholy/Frost)
• Druid (Resto/Bal)
• Priest (Shadow)
• Monk (MW)
• Warlock

Server Information:
Bloodlust Battlegroup
Los Angeles Datacenter
Pacific Realm Time

About Us:
Created in December of 2012, Taken was created with the sole intent of reaching US T100. We are looking to compete with some of the most widely known guilds for the prestige of pushing heroic content. Our raiders are some of the highest performing players of their spec and class.

What We Expect:
We like people who can raid with a competitive mindset and still conduct themselves as adults. We dislike drama and we have little regard for those who inspire drama.

Mogu'Shan Vaults - Normal [6/6] Heroic [6/6]
Heart of Fear - Normal [6/6] Heroic [5/6]
Terrace of Endless Spring - Normal [4/4] Heroic [1/4] (Lei Shei)

In-game contact:
Vizimir (Vizimir#1904)
Gankatronn (Hotshift#1364)
Anthuan (Hellwolf#1242)
Come join us ^_^
<3 Emma
* stealths in* Bump!
busting out the big guns on this thread, aka the alts :) Bump
come on guys , add us or apply
We don't bite.... hard :3
And may I add, they are all rocking kick !@# t-mogs...Just saying. Come join us and run transmo runs with me for more t-mog madness :) Ohhh and to raid, raiding is pretty kick $%^ too!
bump alt
I know it says we need a DK, but thats not true, im all the DK we need!

I dear say, this needs a push
Of course Anthuan would be talkin to himself on the forums / facepalm
Ranged dps GO GO!!
Yo yo yo :)
And Infectika... Really? lol

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