What am I doing wrong? (Holy)

I'm a fairly new paladin and feel like my healing should be so much better. We forgot to keep logs from tonight's run, but here are the logs from our previous raid:


Is it me or am I lower than I should be? Any help is appreciated and feel free to rip me apart to make me better :)
Looking at your profile alone, I see that you are specced into Sanctified Wrath which doesn't really offer any throughput for us so that's a big no-no!

Holy Avenger or Divine Purpose are two really good options. Holy Avenger is good for fights such as Megaera that require healers to burst in a short amount of time, whereas Divine Purpose is good for fights that don't really put much stress on healers, it's just really nice for a little bit of extra healing.

That Glyph of Divine Plea and Glyph of Illumination needs to go! Illumination serves no purpose after you break 5250 spirit and you don't have enough haste to use Glyph of Divine Plea. A good glyph option to replace those would be Glyph of Flash of Light and Glyph of Divinity which I'll explain.

Glyph of Flash of Light helps with emergency single target healing due to the fact that if you use Flash of Light on a player, the next heal you use on them will heal them for 10% more. I can't tell you how many times this has saved my hide!

Glyph of Divinity is good for when you're low on mana. If you're running low, just pop Lay on Hands and you'll immediately gain back 10% of your mana which can be a huge help on some fights.

Other than that, your logs look pretty fine to me. Spells are where they should be so nothing I can really comment on from there.

I hope this helped and feel free to ask more questions regarding Pally healing. :)
That Glyph of Divine Plea ... needs to go!

No it doesn't. It doesn't matter how much haste you have. Sub 5 seconds for 12% mana or 9 seconds with 50% healing for that same eventual 12%? Keep the glyph.

There are always plenty of opportunities to use the spell, glyphed. That's what the other healers are for, to cover for you for those 5s if you need them to.

If anything, replace Illumination with something like Divinity.

I do agree that you'll be served better by anything other than Sanctified Wrath.
Glyph of Illumination is a mana loss at ~9k and above spirit. Do not use unless you are specced entirely for crit and have low spirit.

Glyph of Divine Plea is really only viable on fights you get to stand in one spot without needing to move out of mechanics and there are phases with little to no damage. The 50% nerf to healing is perfectly fine for those situations anyway, just cast cheap spells like Holy Light while under the debuff. (And yeah, no top end hpally really uses GoDP for that reason, it's pretty bad and cuts your mana regen a lot more than it would without glyphed)

Also, you are not using enough Eternal Flame. Sanctified Wrath is also pretty lackluster.

Finally, you socket while ignoring socket bonuses.
(And yeah, no top end hpally really uses GoDP for that reason, it's pretty bad and cuts your mana regen a lot more than it would without glyphed)

Could you elaborate on how it cuts your mana regen vs unglyphed? Don't they both still give 12% mana?

Could you elaborate on how it cuts your mana regen vs unglyphed? Don't they both still give 12% mana?

You have to stand still and cast for approximately 4.5 seconds to get that 12% mana. If you get interrupted or have to heal halfway during a cast, then you have restart that cast again while getting 0 mana out of it until you do.

This means that under most practical situations in heroic mode, you are going to have lesser uptime on DP, and thus lesser mana return.

Without the glyph, you can still heal if required, kite if required, and if it really requires you to do huge amounts of healing, just cancel the buff.

9 seconds of 50% healing reduction > 4.5 second stun
Hi! I'm fairly new to raiding myself, so please take what I say with a grain of salt:

- I agree that your spirit has outgrown Glyph of Illumination for your current stat priority, as well as the assessment of Sanctified Wrath not being your best choice for your tier 5 talent.

- I would recommend higher eternal flame use over light of dawn, as well use utilizing holy prism (replacing light of dawn sometimes for more eternal flames!). A good rule of thumb is to prioritize a 3HP EF on each tank that is tanking something and a 3HP EF on yourself (since it is stronger when used on yourself) to give a good stream of healing to your beacon's target. After you are sure you can maintain those, feel free to strategically place more EFs on raid members who are taking damage.

- Personally for normals, I like the glyph of Divine Plea. It is not difficult to find a 4-5 second stretch where you can cast it, if you place yourself strategically. For heroics, I'm sure it is a different story; I have no experience there.

- Along those lines: this is totally subjective, but you may want to think about dropping some spirit. I have found myself very comfortable at 9-10k. I'm not telling you to do this, as many excellent players prefer more spirit. It is just something to think about. You could then go for a more intellect/mastery-heavy build with your gear, which would give you more throughput and better mastery absorbs if you can sustain it with your spell usage. As far as mana regen goes, just plan your trinket/DP usage in advance. I usually use my first mana CD around 80-85% mana, depending on how much damage I'm expecting to come in. As long as you don't sit at 100% mana, it will not be a wasted CD.

- One last thing: As a newish paladin :), the complex thing about our class is using our CDs (hands, GoAK, AW) liberally and to plan ahead for the type of incoming damage. Our heals are pretty straightforward, but using our tools at the right times takes practice!

EDIT: for englishing
Hey, I will take a look at your logs in a minute and give you some feedback. I come from a 25m heroic raiding background, so hopefully I can help you out a bit.

Before I do that though, I want to comment on the DP glyph. It honestly should change on a fight by fight basis. Some fights, you can't just sit there and not heal for 4.5 seconds. It just doesn't work that way. I also like to keep my DP unglyphed, so that I can plea, and then pop potion of focus from about 50% mana to 80% or so. That is obviously for the fights that you do have some downtime to pot. I rarely, if ever, use the glyph.

Edit: Honestly, your healing looks fine. The only thing that I see that you could be doing differently, is abusing (read "using") EF more. Of course, that varies from fight to fight, but EF is really strong right now in almost any situation.

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