[A]<The Cabal> 11/13HM 25m LF Healers/RDPS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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We want you, come and apply!
Hearer priest prease.
Disc/Holy priests, where are you all?
Big bird down!

Megaera, you are next!
Disc priests :)?
06/03/2013 02:59 AMPosted by Filfa
Disc priests :)?
06/03/2013 11:11 PMPosted by Filfa
hi, sorry i don't know much about timezones. but what time would that be in australia? darwin timezone.
I believe Darwin is only 30 minutes behind so it would be 7:30PM - 11:30PM Darwin Time
To the top!

Still looking to strengthen our roster, hit us up in-game with any questions.
Heavily recruiting reliable and competent healers.
Heavily recruiting reliable and competent healers.

and ranged dps
Im seriously looking to make a move somewhere. I like to make progress & move forward but it seems that it's not happening on the server I'm on. It seems that the guilds I've played with only raid once a week or every other week. That's not enough.

I'm at 498 However, Healing is my main spec. I like challenges so If it's worth it to move over, I'm willing to do it.
Still looking for reliable healers and dps

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