Proudmoore Pride 2013 -- Official Info

I have no issues rolling up a new toon on Proudmoore either, but I'd be interested in any Open Raid/CRZ possibilities also so I could use all my flashiest fun toys to help celebrate!

Same here. I'd love to just bring my lady here to the join the festivities. I'd happily give my btag to someone who plans to attend and doesn't mind me coming along on my main. Otherwise, I'll make a toon there. Might be harder to find wedding garb as a level 1 though :(
So, can a significant portion of a raid group...say 15...invite a few people from off realm and bring them over to Proudmoore? As long as we stay in raid group together? CRZ itself won't apply, as we'll be in Stormwind, Orgrimmar and Pandaria.

According to what I'm reading in the link below (another great-sounding event, btw), as long as the number of hosting Proudmoore players in a raid or group outnumber the number of guests from another realm, CRZ will be in effect in CRZ-enabled zones. However Stormwind and Orgrimmar are explicitly excluded from CRZ - as I recall there was a group that attempted a crossrealm capital city raid but when they hit the city they phased out from one another (and I imagine general hilarity ensued!).
We've updated with the latest Proudmoore Pride 2013 info including:

  • Livestreaming of the event on Sunday
  • Ventrillo Karaoke TONIGHT (hosted by Taint)
  • Radio Stations to listen to during the parade and dance party
  • This year's contest: Cross-Faction Cross-Country Level 1 Invitational foot race

Visit for full details!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!
Still haven't heard much about bringing people cross-realm over to Proudmoore.

I would love to attend on my main. Are there any plans to invite people cross-realm?
I would love to attend on my main. Are there any plans to invite people cross-realm?

Checking back hoping for info on this as well. In addition to her having all the great party toys, I feel it's important to show my support on my main character and not just an alt if I can help it.

Figured I'd make an alt for the parade (since I can't be in Proudmoore SW anyway) and then see about getting my main invited to the VoEB portion. Wish me luck!
Unfortunately, it appears that we can't invite people into Proudmoore's Stormwind. :(
Please feel free to add Daddylicious' battletag for CRZ invites! Daddylicious#1917
Will do! Thanks, Karadur! I have my level 1 alt ready for the parade, but if you don't mind, I'll head over on my main for the later festivities. : )
Well, I seem to have missed the contest and dance party, but at least I got to do the parade. Better luck next year I suppose.
The Phoenix Fusion family would like to thank Stonewall and Taint for sponsoring another wonderful year of Proudmoore Pride. An amazing event, as always.
A big thank you from Rainbow Chaos for such a wonderful event! We look forward to next year!
06/23/2013 07:46 PMPosted by Bumi
We look forward to next year

Hopefully on a Saturday so us people on the awesome side of the planet can come too. Still sad I missed the fun.
That was great fun, thanks to the organizers. I would attend on a Saturday....last year I took the day off of work for it lol.
Why did I think it was the 28th? Next year I'll be there.
It was really fun... I even got married to a warlock lol!

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