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Hi everyone,

We'll be using this thread to record and track the status of known issues and bugs. Please bookmark this thread and reference it in the future if you have a question about the status of a bug or known issue. Please continue to create threads on issues that have not be reported as they will be locked and used to update this thread.

Some Character Feed guild achievement links don't work (they link to character achievements, not guild achievements)

Some challenge mode runs appear on the realm leaderboard, and not your guild profile (or appear on the guild profile and not on the realm leaderboard)

Some forum posts are missing, specifically those between 4/15 and 7/1.

Search results show escaped html

Raid progress information for content prior to Wrath of the Lich King isn’t always saving

Static render poses aren’t the most flattering for some race/class/gear combinations
  • In the future, we will allow players to choose their own pose
  • Hunters are stuck in a very boring pose right now

Occasionally, deleted characters can be found in your character list

Spec and Achievement Point totals have some odd problems updating on character tooltips

Total achievement points is often not the same in game and in armory

Items with scaling stats aren't working correctly

Rated BG Ladders include some players with negative loss stats

The Raid Progression Section has some issues
  • Heart of Fear has Garalon listed twice in raid progression tooltips
  • Madness is listing kills twice

Expertise doesn't show up under the ranged category

Hit from Expertise is not showing up in the armory

Incorrect Spec and iLvL can show up for characters who have not logged out of a 5.0.4 client yet
  • There is also a lot of people using the site, so armory updates can be a little slow. We're keeping an eye on them and making sure nothing is wrong.
  • Hunters with certain weapons are also showing an incorrect equipped iLvl calculation.

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