stat priority for WW monk

let it be known I'M using a 2H until i get some 1 hands... with that said i keep getting different info from sites and guides so i just need to know which stat priority is most popular for 2H monks atm. (tyvm for the help)
The information you are probably getting is based on before and after possession of Rune of Re-orgination. It should look as follows:

Before Rune of Re-Origination
Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (7.5%) > Agil > Haste (between 6-8k) > Crit > Mastery > Haste (above 8k) > Hit above (7.5%)

After Rune of Re-Origination
Hit (7.5%) > Expertise (7.5%) > Agil > Mastery (1 higher then haste) > Haste (between 6-8k) > Crit (lower then mastery by at least 1) > Mastery > Crit > Haste (above 8k) > Hit above (7.5%)

The goal after Rune of Re-Origination is to have stats that look like:

Hit 2550
Expertise 2550
Mastery 7001
Crit 7000
Haste 7000

This is because the tiger's eye brew snapshots your stats for it's duration. So. if you use tiger's eye brew with 1-2 seconds left on the proc for Rune. That above character would look like Mastery 21001, Crit 7000, haste 7000 for most of it's duration.

Hope that explains the odd write-ups.

You will notice in all cases, the comment that should be on haste is as follows: "Try and get between 6k and 8k haste depending on the confort level, you feel you can use your energy. The goal is not to energy cap."

Mastery after Rune has to be the highest stat no matter how you reforge.
how much agil should i be at?

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