need help on my gear!

hey guys, just wrapping up the leveling process, its my first lvl 90 and im wondering what stats i should go for when it comes to soloing? should i keep going for dodge/parry? also i was thinking about reforging my mastery to haste, as i feel itll up my dps and my holy power generation, which would be good for soloing dungeons and stuff especially if i have it along side avoidance stats. so yea, any help or suggestions would be awesome because im not too sure what im doing! keep in mind i want to know information on whats best for soloing dungeons, thats what this pally is for really.
Soloing which dungeons? MoP dungeons, or older?

But yes, haste is THE stat to go for as Prot if you want to increase your DPS. Avoidance is pretty meh for anything, really.
uhh, well right now alot of the mounts and stuff from older content is pretty alluring.. so ill definitely start with older content but ill probably start mop when i get better at soloing
Well, like, if you're doing older dungeons or pre-Cataclysm raids Ret is much faster, so if all you plan to do is solo those you're better off gearing for Ret first.

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