Just hit lvl 85, need advice

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I need some help deciding what to do first.

Should I buy some good armor? If so, should I buy the kind you can get with honor points or justice points?

Should I buy a good bow/gun? Again, honor or justice?

Background : I'm a BM/Survival hunter. BM for only PVP, and survival for everything else. I play pvp and pve about equally.

I'm more weary about using points to buy a weapon, since I'm assuming I'll find some good ones doing raids (which I haven't tried yet). And if I get armor, will it suck by the time I level up just a couple of times?

Any other random advice you can give would be awesome, I just want to use my points wisely :) Thanks in advance!
If you are planning too level to 90 now too then dont buy any gear, you will get gear while leveling :). If you're not then do random heroics to get more gear and valor points, and buy the gear you want and you think is needed, but keep in mind that you will get gear in random heroics too, and points. If you are a pvper, grind bgs and find an arena partner and do arenas :) Buy your gear and progress further. :)

DONT buy gear from AH though, just a waste of money.
If you're going to be doing MoP raids, you won't be getting into them until level 90. I think the quest rewards and items available from merchants in Pandaria (and the auction house) will be better than anything you can get from Cataclysm raids.

If you decide to buy a weapon with points, buy the PVE weapon with justice and the PVP with honor. That should make them balanced for the right kind of enemies.

Remember you can only have 4000 justice points at any one time. If you're about to go over through normal play you might as well spend it. I don't do enough PVP to know if the same type of limit exists for honor.

Take a look a the MoP crafted armor in the auction house for level 85. There's a pretty good chance you can compare the stats and ilvl to the honor and justice quartermasters gear and see if it's new stuff or the same old Cataclysm stuff that will be obsolete quickly while you quest.
Gratz on 85 ^.^b

Most important thing is if you have (or plan to have) MoP, or would at least do the 10-day trial so you could get some MoP gear more easily. It won't hurt to check the AH for any super cheap gear either (don't forget jewelry), I'm probably not the only one who's listed that stuff for insanely low prices from time to time. Some of the Cata raid gear is comparable to MoP quest gear, but I don't know how much time it'll take to get into the raid; since it it's no longer current endgame, I wouldn't expect it to happen as quickly as doing the quest.

I agree about comparing the vendor gear with what you see in the AH, especially since your opponents in PvP will be using a lot of MoP gear, which can put you at a major disadvantage.

These are the weapons you can equip now just for a rough idea, but not all will be available to you:

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