Cant choose a new class....

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What have you played before? Feral, Resto, Disc, Shadow, BM, MM.

How far did you level it? 2 Druids to 90, Priest to 90, Hunter to 85.

Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed!
I liked the whole not dying every 5 second aspct of the disc priest the most..... the rest i tend to die pretty easy and i hate it.

With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling? Solo.

Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons? Both but more PvP then PvE.

Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)? Both But more PvP then PvE.

Will you be multiboxing or just playing a single character? Single.

Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!). Any Alliance races.

Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged? Heals for PvE and DPS for PvP.

Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc) DoTs preferred.

Hybrid or pure? Does it matter? Pure .

Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter? Doesnt matter.

Throw in any extra details here:I dont like to die easy in PvP. so basically a non squishy class. it can be melee or caster or healer i have no certain preferences.
Roll a shaman. Even though they are called squishy ele does amazing pvp dmg and has a lot of surv and the resto spec is one of the best healers in the game.
I think you should go Shadow Priest.

They are DPS, but they can heal themselves very effectively. You won't die fast at all.

PLUS: No lengthy cooldowns, and high melee reduction (around 35%, using Shadowform and Inner Fire).

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