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This is probably not going to work, but I'll throw it out there regardless.

LFD/LFR & CRZ have been handy in their own way, but I can't help feeling things are a little too convenient now. And I think most would agree that no one ever talks to each other in dungeons any more, that you never seem to group with the same people twice. Done & gone.

There's a lot of old content I breezed through, a lot of quests I never read, a lot of dungeons I ran where I had no idea what the "story" was behind them. I'd like to go back and do some of those over again.

Here's what I'm thinking. Horde or Alliance, doesn't matter (though I'm a little more partial to Horde), we get at least 5 of us and roll up 1st level characters. We get to 15 on our own, do whatever professions or quests interest you, then - at least once a week - we physically meet at an inn or tavern, swap stories, then physically go to the dungeon we're going to run. We don't dash through it, we're in no hurry. If there are quests, we do them. If there are multiple bosses, we kill them all. If we don't have all 5 of us one night, we try it with who we've got.

Maybe we start our own little guild with these alts, maybe we don't. Maybe we allow heirlooms, maybe we do it the old-fashioned way, from scratch on our own. Depends what everyone else wants to do. Having our own guild seems like a good idea because we can set our dungeon schedule on the calendar - you know around what level you have to be at and by when; if you're falling behind you hustle and catch up, if you're pulling too far ahead, you take a break (go level up some Cooking or Fishing or whatever instead).

There's a lot of possibilities here. RP & dungeons would be our core, but we could switch things up, do quests or run battlegrounds (physically walking/riding/flying to the bg enterance) if there's interest. We could be a themed-guild (all one race, for example, or all Druids or all Monks, whatever) or just have a loose RP connection.

If this is something you want to try, post here. Let's see if we can get 4 or 5 interested folks. Let's figure out what we want to do, what kind of group or guild or theme we want, and set that first dungeon run night.
This could be interesting. Count me in.
You could do this as pandaren and RP through the zones.

IC as pilgrims discovering and learning about the land that the Horde and Alliance are destroying.

Just an idea :p
You could do this as pandaren and RP through the zones.

IC as pilgrims discovering and learning about the land that the Horde and Alliance are destroying.

Just an idea :p

Wow, that's actually a pretty good idea. I particularly like it because it isn't all-Pandaren just to be Pandaren, they've actually got a purpose. I like this a lot ...
Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, my current work schedule sucks fantastic !@# and would make it extremely difficult to join in (I get off at Midnight EDT Thur-Sun).
I've kicked around ideas of a single-class guild, such as Druids, Paladins, or Monks who have both tanks & healers. Just to be different, I thought it might be fun to make it as exclusive as possible, such as all-Draenei Paladins crusading to get to the Outlands, or all-female Dwarf Paladins, or something ridiculous like that.

I still think Pandaren (any class) Horde side is the way to go, or maybe a band of exploring Dwarves, like the Explorers League or something like that.

Open to anything, but I'll probably just pick one of these and set a night for anyone interested to show up, see how it goes.
Last call - walk the earth as Pandaren, or go exploring as Dwarves?

I would really like to do this as i have always wanted to level an alt but I am rediculously slow on my own. I might actually be able to provide a level 25 guild too! Although this week and the beggining of next are rough for me because of exams, but if you could give me times i might be able to work something out.

K thx!
I've actually organized a group like this, twice, and both rerolls unfortunately petered out at around level 40. The premise was identical, with the exact same restrictions. Both times it was the most fun I've ever had playing WOW. The reason it failed both times was because my activity became sporadic as my work schedule increased, and once there's not enough people online to run dungeons, interest dies. I think defining a weekly or twice weekly scheduled time to run dungeons would be important to keep this alive.

That said, I'd be interested in joining, although my play time is pretty limited. I'm off on Monday and Wednesday, but I'm not always able to play on those days (girlfriends impede game time). I love the idea of making it class/race exclusive, and my vote is for all Dwarf paladins (although I don't think it should be all female particularly), and call it the Explorers' League.
Alright, seeing some love for Dwarves out there. If we can get one Tank, one Healer, and a few DPS (or even just a single DPS - would be curious to see what kind of damage we could do as a trio ...), we'll be good to go. What do you say we pick this Wednesday 9pm server time, meet at the forge in Anvilmar with 1st level guys (or gals) and see what we want to do?

If we're going with Dwarves, do we want to do something independent on our own, or might this be something we could do as a part of Clan Battlehammer (assuming they don't mind/care)?

The idea of the all-female Dwarf Paladin group was just a crazy vision I saw, a bunch of stubby little valkyries out whupping righteous !@#. And singing at the same time, which is too bad because there's no mechanic in-game for it.
/bump for tomorrow night at 9pm.
Im in, someone just let me know!!! mail me in game a nice letter of all the details. please.
Probably isn't the best time to be trying this with the new patch just hitting. I'll still show up at Anvilmar on a 1st level Dwarf tonight around 9pm, hang around the forge see what happens.
I can actually make it tonight at that time. I'll go ahead and roll a fem Dwarf pally, since Paladin is the only class I've neither gotten to max nor am currently leveling. Don't count on me for healing, though, unless you enjoy near-death experiences; I'm much better at tanking or DPSing, since I get distracted far too easily...
I would love to join up with yall on this project, but i really don't want to level a pally. Would it be to bad if i rolled a dwarf shaman? also, is female dwarf a requirment?
Yes, you MUST be a female Dwarf Paladin!

No, just kidding. Dwarf Shaman sounds fine. Sounds like we have someone who can tank - can you heal? I'll probably go with a Paladin just for the versatility, fill whatever gap is needed. It was either that or Hunter for me.
Sure i'll go resto/ele. I'm working a 24 hour shift, but will try to make the start tonight

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