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We'll meet at 9pm tonight, see how far everyone got. I'm only 9th level now, might be tough to hit 15th in time. Will also try to set-up the guild.

Let's plan to meet at the Stonefire Inn just inside the Gates of Ironforge. Have a drink or two before we go.
I started leveling a dwarf, hopefully i can catch up real soon. I'll do my best... name is Rekhz
Infini & I (Tarabella & Sellew, respectively) managed to get to 11 last night and hung out a fair bit in IF. I'm working late again (will be until Monday), so I'll probably miss the group proper, but I promise to stop getting that sweet, sweet XP when I hit 15, so that I'm not too far ahead.
<Nibelung Explorers> was formed last night. Most of us are around 15th level now, or very close. If 5 of us are on tonight, we may run Deadmines. Otherwise, anyone interested in joining us on our slow adventure can spend this weekend getting to around 15th level. Leveling professions, questing in pairs or small groups, and rp in general are all highly encouraged during down time.
This sounds like it would be fun are you guys looking for any classes to round out the group?
Female Dwarf Paladins.

Just kidding. Play whatever you like, whatever you'll want to spend time with, as long as it's Dwarf. We do seem to be a little short on healers, but most of us can spec into that, too, if need be. Really, just play what you like.
Will probably be setting it for Wednesday night at 9pm. Several folks said they wouldn't be available tonight, but I'll be on for a while and I expect a few others will be, too. If there are enough of us, we may make our first run.

There was talk of a splinter group setting up that Forsaken guild at an earlier time (we tend to be on from 9pm-midnight or so). They're more than welcome to post here if they want to get the word out. If I could play any earlier, I'd be happy to join them, too.
LAy down the basics for me and I'll be down. Going to bed for now though. Cheers :)
No particular rules on BoA items - if it's fun for you, use them. I don't know if I can say "most of us" yet, but certainly "some of us" are doing this as a complete start-over - no BoA, no support from higher level characters, and our guild is Level 1. The whole idea is to take our time, not out-level everyone else, and run dungeons together. Instead of a mad rush to level cap, take the time to flesh out your character, do all the low-level things you never got to do.

Should we make to 60th level, you can bet we're going to raid at that level.
Tomorrow night will be our Deadmines run! We'll meet at 9pm in the Stonefire Inn just inside the Gates of Ironforge for drinks & planning, then walk/fly to the Deadmines. We may use the Meeting Stones (remember them?) for any latecomers, but we will never queue up in LFD and just zone-in anywhere. We'll be entering every dungeon/raid on foot.
The Nibelung Explorers got their first Guild Achievment last night 3-manning the Deadmines! Wailing Caverns is next on our list. Tentatively planning for 9pm Friday, but family issues may put things on-hold until next week.

If we run Friday night and you want to be a part of it, be a Dwarf between 15th - 20th level. Otherwise we'll be planning to meet next Wednesday at 9pm with 20th level being the cap. Contact Tarabella, Dregrim, or myself in-game.

Once we get our mounts, it's on to Shadowfang Keep! Just getting there will be half the adventure ...

We will be running Wailing Caverns Wednesday evening 9pm!

Meet tonight at 9pm in the Stonefire Inn for drinks and planning, then journey to the Wailing Caverns.
There were just two of us Wednesday night, so we decided to at least start our run to the Wailing Caverns ... from Ironforge! Ran to Menethil Harbor, took the ship to Theramore. Dustwallow Marsh proved to be quite a challenge for us at just 17th level, but we made it out with minimal deaths, even managed to kill a few crocolisks on our own!

The Southern Barrens was not what I remembered. One of the joys of doing this is re-discovering old areas. A few aggressive Thunder Lizards were not enough to stop us. Fort Triumph seemed oddly named with all the fighting going on, but from there we discovered what I like to call the Great Lowbie Passage - we had a clear run over the mountaintops from Fort Triumph to Northwatch Hold. There we made camp and called it a night.

After so many years, getting from Point A to Point B in this game has been a chore. Zoning into dungeons has admittedly made me lazy. This was the first time in a very long time that just getting to the dungeon was an adventure in itself ... and we're not there yet. Even with just two or three of us, this has renewed my sense of fun in the game.

Next night will be Saturday or Sunday, 9 or 10pm Server Time. I'll post here for those that are interested.

Did anything ever come of that Forsaken start-up group? Would like to see others do something like this.
Wednesday night 9pm, run from Northwatch Hold to Ratchet, and from there make our way to the Wailing Caverns. Not much we can do about being ganked (we have no 90's in our guild), but would love to see a few Horde around 20th level or so to fight us along the way or at the entrance to the Caverns.
Wednesday night 9pm, run from Northwatch Hold to Ratchet, and from there make our way to the Wailing Caverns. Not much we can do about being ganked (we have no 90's in our guild), but would love to see a few Horde around 20th level or so to fight us along the way or at the entrance to the Caverns.

When I started a group like this last year Horde side, this part was the most fun. We ran Deadmines, taking the zep from Org to STV, heading north through Duskwood and then into Westfall. We ran across several groups of players around our level or higher and fought for more than an hour until finally making it to the dungeon entrance. It was a blast.

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