Do we need to feed our pets?

I remember back a few years when my son was playing his hunter and he had to feed his pet often to keep it happy so it would perform better.

I thought they got rid of that requirement (like ammo). Do we still need to feed our pets and why?

Used to be, you had to feed your pet to keep it happy, and to keep it from running away on you. Nowadays, the only purpose of the feed pet skill is to restore 50% of its health in an instant when out of combat. This has been true since Cata came out.
ahh, okay, thanks!
In all honesty, feeding your pet is just a way to take up a bag slot to save time, mend pet (and out of combat pet health regen, coupled with spirit bond, a level 45 talent) will keep your pet toped of in terms of health, feed pet is realy more of a flavor spell nowadays.
THANK GOD!!!! I bought like 20 Bread and 20 Meat for nothing........ Well at least I ain't losing my Wolf anytime soon.

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