<Social Deviants> LF Backup Raiders & Casuals

Social Deviants is a fairly new, casual/social raiding guild on Zul'jin (H). We are mostly filled with transfers from slow/dead servers.

We are looking for back-up raiders and casual/social players of all levels, classes, and specs.

*Raid times for Team 1 are set currently for Wed/Thurs 10:30p to 12:30a
server (EST) time.

*Raid times for Team 2 are Mon/Tues/Thurs 9:30p to 12:30a server (EST)

Our goal is to form a guild of both raiders and players who just enjoy the game overall. We would like the guild to be populated, but not to the point that anyone feels lost in the crowd.

We like to raid, run dungeons, lfr, level alts, run achievement/mount runs, and generally anything that just sounds fun.

We ask that all applicants be 18 years of age or older. We are all mid-twenties and up in age with jobs, families, classes, and other real life responsibilities. We understand and support the fact that real life comes first. Couples are definitely encouraged to apply.

Our guild members do not possess a "politically correct" sense of humor and we find humor in everything. Most of our humor is quite sarcastic in nature, but never malicious. If you are easily offended, this guild is not for you.

Active characters of all levels, classes, specs are welcome.

If you are interested in joining the guild, please contact Foibles, Kittanni, or Blitzedkegg in game or submit an application at socialdeviants.enjin.com. My battletag is JJames#1289.
TGIF! \o/
Happy Saturday!

We're still looking for backup raiders (especially healers and tanks) and casual/social players as well.

We don't sweat the small stuff and rl responsibilities always come first. We just want fun adults to enjoy playing the game with.

Message me (or any other member) for more info.
Yup our 2nd group is looking for a Hunter or Mage ilvl510 + Please. We are 8/12.
We raid Mon/Tue/Thur 930-1230 server.
Killzone#1574 for more info. Thank you.
We are looking for active adult players that wish to fill a back-up raiding spot or are just looking for a casual/social atmosphere.

Message us in game with any questions.
Good day everyone!

Back to the top (if only for a few minutes). :D
My wife, myself and a friend are looking to get back into the game. We haven't been on for a while but we have played since vanilla. We are looking for a guild that is fun to talk to, knowledgeable, but still likes a good @%%**%*@ or fart joke. My wife and I both have a tank and a healer at level 85 and our friend is dps mage. If you think we might be a fit let me know and we will see about xfering over to your server and guild. Thanks
I can't speak for the leadership, but you sound like you'd fit right into the guild.

Recently returning myself, I've found not only is this server great with tons to do all the time, but the guild of Social Deviants is such a great find. Friendly, helpful and social.. the guild does a good amount of stuff together with lots of chit chat in guild channel while you level or run LFR's.

Myself and my better half have really enjoyed the guild a lot. =)
Hiya Trupower!

I'm not sure if you have already or not, but feel free to add me to your friends list so we can chat. My bnet is JJames#1289.

I apologize if you did add me and looked for me online yesterday. I didn't get to log in except for early in the day ... I have a little one that seems to be getting sick, so I was preoccupied with her.

Hope to hear from you soon. :)

PS~ Thanks Alisyn! We've loved having you and Ald in our "special" little group. :)
You guys sound pretty awesome. I just transferred recently from a low pop realm, where my last guild was pretty terrible, trying to force everyone into raid teams.

I'm a college student and may raid someday when my schedule is better, but I would enjoy a more laid back guild experience. I will absolutely message you (or the others in your first post) next time I see you online.
Sounds great Saxby!

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