My Arms Warrior video guide to ToT

Hey folks. I decided as my first venture into making guides/commentaries to throw together this video of everything I could think of that an Arms warrior would need to know in Throne of Thunder 10m normal. I focus specifically on the boss fights and how to best survive and put out good dps. Would love to hear your thoughts and hopefully this will help anyone looking to boost your dps or try out arms.
Glyph of reck isn't a gain, ever.
Good video, logs to back it up. My only recommendation would be to split the video into 2 or 3 parts, its a tad long. that's not a huge deal because it doesn't look like your monetized but if you do get there you will get more revenue and annoy viewers less that way.

Other than that it looks solid, well done.

Glyph of reck isn't a gain, ever.

Yeah unless you have like 45% ish crit buffed that glyph is not good. Even though you can still crit cap your OPs, all of your other abilities will suffer. Although I did not catch the specific point in the video where this is mentioned.
Didn't get a chance to watch it yet, but ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS break up videos!!! Especially if this is for the entire raid, then it already has natural breaks in it based on a boss by boss setup.

You have to keep in mind not everyone has a screaming internet connection, and if you want to "skip ahead", you have to buffer. As you continue to jump around to find the part you want, all you're doing is punishing the viewer. Please don't. ;^)

A better solution is to have all individual videos, and in the "info" section, provide links to all the other videos so viewers can easily navigate to what they want.

Good luck!
Thanks for the advice guys, I'll likely go with shorter videos next time around just wanted to get this tier done before it got too late in the patch. As far as glyph of reck goes, I definitely agree that it can swing either way and it isn't a direct dps increase, but because of the fact that our raid team runs two warriors with 2 consecutive skull banners it leads to a TON of strong overpowers. I should have made that a bit clearer.

BTW Torage I'm a fan, was just listening to you on CTR the other day, great work.
Good vid!
very well done. like others said smaller bites would be better for the future. 2 thumbs up.
Thanks for the support all, makes all the work worthwhile :) Next tier will be in smaller chunks which will allow me to go more in depth.

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