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Hi all. A little about me! I am looking for a new raid group for my druid tank. She is currently 509 ilvl and I have been playing a druid tank since BC. I've been playing since vanilla and raiding hardcore since then as well. I have gone through almost every tier with a hard push and have the mindset and awareness to get through heroic content. With that being said, the raiders I raid with should also have a high raid awareness beyond "don't stand in fire" and be competitive with each other, while still having the synergy to be a team player.

I moved over to Illidan at the start of the new year as a reroll, and I selected a priest which I have always been comfortable playing as an alt. I have been raiding on her recently (she is 12/12 ToT w/ 518 ilvl) but I have always been more comfortable playing on my druid and looking to prioritize her in raids once again. I lead a raid group through the end of Firelands and all through Dragon Soul pre-MoP. I finished up the expansion with full heroic clears in every Cata Raid, which is my goal with this expansion as well.

I am an avid mount, pet, achv collector and anything that I can not get done with my guild/raid team typically leads me to push for finding groups on OpenRaid. I will set my mind to what I want and I will not stop until it is complete.

All that being said, I am looking for a guild or raid team that needs a capable tank with the skills and awareness to push heroics. I can raid Mon-Thurs, most times work but I prefer after 7:30 Server Time (8:30 EST). I can however do afternoon/morning raids as well. I am only looking for a 10 man guild, I like the way the group can form friendships and work better as a team and have better synergy. I've already done the 40 man thing, and the 25 man thing; 10s are my personal preference.

If you would like any more information on my previous raiding experience, my druid, or just to hear my cute voice on vent for a chat, please feel free to contact me via my battle tag

Thanks so much and best of luck to you all!
I added you to my Battletag friends list, and hope to hear from you soon. We'd love to get together and see if our raid team is a good fit for you!

Also, feel free to get ahold of Riverbreak (that's me!) or Kagiskan in-game.
Hey added you to battletag!

Our guild is currently 9/12 in TOT we raid Tues Weds Thurs 8-11 pm server time and were getting good time in on Quon.

Just downed Quon so now 10/12.

If you don't see me online this weekend it's cause I work all weekend but you can whisper Xada or Vreivai as well if you have questions about us.

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