Looking for a guild for a friend

Hello Saurfang,
I am looking for a guild for a friend of mine who will need to relocate off of a US Central server and looking to find decent people on an Aussie schedule. Your guild will need to be friendly, helpful, social, possibly have a raid team and basically just be a guild with decent people.

Please let me know if such a guild exists! We hate to have her go, well, time zone wise anyway, but with the use of battle.net and email we can still bug them from miles away.

Hay there Sil,
Silverites is a great social raiding guild were all on vent most nights raiding, questing, playing LoL and all that good stuff most nights were a big bunch of friends and welcome new members :)
Legacy (lvl25) - Fresh guild transfer looking for core raiders for 25 and 10 content - 25m raids Wed, Thur, Fri with Cleanup on Mon from 5:30pm - 8pm server. 10m still being decided. PST Trust#1817 for more info.

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