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I raf'ed all my alts to level 80 and they don't have up to par gear. Are there merchants that sell level 80 starter gear like the one in MoP?
No. The Adventuring Supplies vendors were added in MoP and added solely for the purpose of making the transition from Cata gear scaling to MoP gear scaling easier for players who somehow managed to miss ALL of the questing rewards the first few questing zones in MoP offer.

You can, however, search on the AH to see if some enterprising individual has some BoEs to spare, or contract with a Tailor, Leatherworker, and Blacksmith to get your alts crafted gear.
They are introducing vendors in 5.3 however :) You can find them in Hyjal and Vash So if you only want to shell out the gold for one or two to get you through until the patch that's an option :)

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