Daggers for rogues

All the other classes except hunters and rogues with daggers are now getting help for weapons, casters get a offhand, blacksmith can make everything under the sun except daggers. There should be a way for rogues to get help with 500 ilvl daggers, I am unable to get any to drop for me.
Stay tuned, aggrieved (and, I assume, ashamed, unless you're posting on your druid out of habit) rogue: There's an i516 agility dagger (the Immaculate Pandaren Dagger) that's been datamined as part of the new loot in 5.3; I haven't seen anything solid about where we'll be able to find/get it yet.
Thanks for the info and I didnt even notice I was posting on my druid lol.
Is there anyway you can give me a link to this item?

the comment on that item seems like a highly accurate guess.

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