Burning Legion
Is there anyone on Burning Legion that I may still recognize?! Probably looking to transfer back and it'd be nice to see if there are some people around from the older days.
Hey I used to play on Burning Legion back in Wrath and till the start of MoP. Stopped playing till end of February this year and started out on the server Kil'Jaeden. Loved it! Active, social, fun... Decided to come back to Burning Legion to level 4 level 85 alts. Needless to say I'll most likely be transferring or waiting until Blizzard decides on a fix for dead/dying servers such as this one.
Marti jst told me awhile ago that you guys are coming back to BL :O?
Possibly yeah, Bpill would be coming along with me too.

And Devan that's a shame although I don't think it would bother me... I hope. I just mostly miss knowing people on the server and such, but I'm sure most of the people I knew no longer play as well.
Used to play with you and Bpill about two years ago. I just came back to BL, and the server is dead. I will most likely be transferring off within the next week or so.
Tiggies?! Who were you?
None of your names are familiar, but I remember Bpill. Raiding with Aegis back in the day, before cande decided he wanted to make babies.
Do it!
not allowed to play without flextra

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