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they are literally endless and are expanding every day
This might sound a bit self-centered but I'd say the Horde/Alliance. Think about it, the way in which the game is going more and more things are getting assimilated into each other. Once Illidan's armies were destroyed we salvaged what was left, same with Icecrown, and the Cataclysm, and now they're doing it with the Thunder King's Citadel.

I'd say once the Burning Legion has been dealt with and the Titans and Old Gods are no more, the Horde and the Alliance will salvage what was left of them and then at one point int time they will no longer be rivals, they'll be interplanetary enemies. Just you wait, someday a new Garrosh will rise up against a new Varian and he'll be wielding the armies of the Old Gods, powerful demons of the former Burning Legion, as well as wielding technology and armor belonging to the Titans, the Naaru, and the Void.
That's due plot bias. All these factions are just "dealt with" all the time. Still, despite war after war, and in small windows of time, Horde and Alliance mysteriously have numbers to deal with these world-ending armies and beings.
We dont really know how big the old gods armies are they may only be on earth but the legion has a massive army that spans several worlds and they are led by the strongest of the titans how can they not be the strongest
Naga if they could only stop going to war over very stupid allies

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