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My bars are too crowded. I would really like to have them all hidden so i can just have one bar shown


keep it to the default 4 bars, but i need a way to combine all my arena123's into one modifier macro. So if like hex could be cast as default C and then modifier 1 does the ctrl+1 keybind @arena1 and so on. that way i could free up the physical space on my default action bar to put the alt+x,z,c,e,s and so on.

any other suggestions would be great
Assuming I understand what you want here, you can easily hide action bars with the addon Bartender. Open Bartender with /bt, select the bar you want to hide, and select the visibility tab. You can have it fade out when your mouse isn't over it, or you can set them to be always hidden.

You can even use macro type conditionals to hide them under certain circumstances. For example, on my UI, I want my bars to be completely faded out while I am out of combat, but to become visible if I mouse over them. I also want them to become visible if I have a friendly or hostile target. This may not be the best way to set this up, but I wrote a conditional to accomplish this.

[harm][help] show; [nocombat] fade:0

The addon is very customizable.
i really dont want to rebind everything to bartender AND have to worry about configuring it and other addon BS, i really would rather not.

there has got to be a script to cover your bars/the blizzard art/gryphons, that i can toggle with a keybind. ive seen it before.
I can't say I've ever seen a macro for hiding default elements on macro conditionals for this that would fit within 255 limit but you're welcome to wait for a response from one of the lua gurus.
You can use an addon like http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12550-KongAutomaticUIHider.html to hide the entire bottom bar based on various macro conditionals.

But if you're consolidating space, you can just do

/cast [@arena1,mod:shift][@arena2,mod:ctrl][@arena3,exists][] Spell


Keep in mind that if you're going to put this on actionbar 1, you must make sure that shift+, ctrl+ that button, is not already bound to something in default keybindings. Unbind if yes cause those will always take priority over your macro.

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